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Spring Meeting, Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club

Mark you calendars for our Spring Meeting, Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Fall Meeting
BAADS Officers
Fall Meeting and Winner's dinner at Richmond YC, November 1st
We had sixty-five folks representing 28 Islanders on hand for the Fall Meeting and Winner's Dinner at Richmond Yacht Club. It turned out to be a beautiful evening at RYC with a most unusual view of several big thunderheads visible to the south beyond San Francisco and down to the south Bay. Good conversations, great food, and a special gathering of our Islander friends. Fall Meeting Story and Pictures.

Nationals Regatta at Golden Gate YC, October 4th
It was worth waiting for! Eight Islanders sailed two good races for an outstanding 2014 Nationals Regatta held off Golden Gate Yacht Club on Saturday, October 4th. Counting up the crews and Race Management, we had over 40 people and 10 Islanders represented, and if you count Bella Luna crew David Chiodo's Freeport 36, that's 11 Islanders. Nationals Regatta Story and Pictures.

TI Cruise
Treasure Island Cruise and Flea Market, September 27-28
A perfect day for a cruise! Bright sun, gentle breeze (for San Francisco Bay) and a wonderufl mix that represents the best of the Islander Association. Nine boats were represented by 25 people. The great big Flea Market was fun for all. Especially good to have on board were our Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) representing their I-36 Orion.

Treasure Island Cruise.

SF Giants vs LA Dodgers Saturday July 26

Like The City? Like Baseball? Then here's the best of both worlds, come join fellow Islanders for a visit to AT&T Park to watch the San Francisco Giants take on the (dreaded) Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, July 26, 2014.

John Melton started with a block of 30 tickets, got 10 more and there is only one left at $55. You can follow the link and send John an email if you'd like him to try to get more tickets. (Hope to have a follow up story one of these days.)

Canadian All Islander
Canadian All Islander Rendezvous, Thetis Island, BC July 4-6, 2014
Despite the less than ideal weather, the 7th Canadian Islander Rendezvous held in the idyllic setting of Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands on July 4th - 6th was considered a resounding success by all who attended. 14 Islanders of every description sailed into the harbor on a Friday that started out sunny, and sailed out again on a Sunday that ended up sunny. The weather in between just proves that Islander owners are a hardy lot! All Islander Rendezvous story and pictures.

Benicia Cruise
Benicia Cruise, July 4-6, 2014
We had a fun July 4th weekend in Benicia with wonderful hosts Rob & Ruby Blenderman. In all we had 11 boats represented with 26 people on Friday the 4th, and 19 for the terrific Saturday dinner at Rob & Ruby's fabulous museum of a house. Benicia story and pictures.

Summer Sailstice
Summer Sailstice, June 21, 2014
A modest but fun event to celebrate the beginning of summer in Clipper Cove on Treasure Island. Follow the link to the story and pictures, and the history of the Pan American Flying Clippers and Treasure Island. Summer Sailstice Story & Pictures.

Presidio Cruise
Presidio Yacht Club Cruise, May 30 - June 1, 2014
San Francisco showed off it's best micro climates as the fleet had our first ever cruise to the Presidio Yacht Club, at Travis Marina in Horseshoe Bay. Tucked under the shadow of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, this spot had it all. Beautiful, sunny moments, gentle winds, happy canoe and kayak paddlers, assorted wildlife and bone chilling, boat rattling winds and cold whispy fog - take your pick! Presidio Story & Pictures.

Encinal Yacht Club Cruise & Svendsen's Discount Night Friday - Sunday, April 18-20, 2014
We had a great Encinal Cruise / Svensen's Discount Night with perfect weather, a tasty lunch, a successful Crew overboard Safety Seminar, a bountiful shopping spree at Svendsen's and topped off with great ice cream.

Follow this link for Encinal Cruise & Svendsen's Discount Night Story & Pictures.

Race Clinic
Sail Trim Clinic at GGYC, Saturday April 12
Race Chair Kit Wiegman organized a terrific Sail Trim/Race clinic for Saturday, April 12th at the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Twenty-five people representing sixteen Islanders enjoyed a fun and informative Clinic at Golden Gate Yacht Club. Our guest speaker was yacht designer Jim Antrim. Fleet champions Peter Szasz and Jim Robinson started off the program with their secrets for successful season. This was a fun weekend! Follow this link for Sail Trim Clinic Story and Pictures.

Spring Meeting
Spring Meeting at GGYC, Saturday March 15
Wow! A spectacular day to start off a new season. The weather was close to record warm and soft, Golden Gate YC looked regal in it's new charm and appeal, and 49 folks representing 27 Islanders made it a special day. Golden Gate YC Vice Commodore Tom Ehman was our guest speaker and had everyone riveted -- giving out tiny America's Cup pins to anyone with a good question or a good answer. Here's you link to the Spring Meeting 2014.

March 2014 Newsletter
You'll enjoy Bill Ray's March Newsletter. Here's the link.

The Three Bridge Fiasco - Saturday January 25th.
We had 6 Islanders signed up: Califia, Cassiopeia, Kapai, Pilot, Renaissance of Tahoe Vista and Zingara. That was the good news. Unfortunately we have had high temperature records set somewhere in the Bay Area for the last 13 straight days. So it was 65 to 75 and you'd think that is good, but in winter that also usually means no wind. Such was the case on the 25th and only 2 boats out of 350 entered finished in any of the 23 classes! But it was bright and sunny! Kit Wiegman filed this report on Cassiopeia's experience: The 3 Bridge Fiasco uses a "persuit" starting sequence that lasts for about 3 hours with the slowest boats starting first and the fastest last. You can start in either direction and then go around the marks (Blackaller buoy near the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, Red Rock just south of the San Rafael Bridge, and Treasure Island in the middle of the Bay Bridge) in any order and direction. We started (at Golden Gate YC) and headed for Blackaller first, the tide charts said this was a good idea. So we had a down wind start (OK we were a little late as an EBB was running), set the kite and zipped to Blackaller. After rounding the mark we tried to get across the bay in front of the Golden Gate bridge, notice I said "tried". The wind was right there between 00 and 3, the EBB was running at 4kts., we almost made it back to the start line 3 or 4 times. So with ship traffic, the big EBB and no wind, we decided that we would withdraw if we went under the Golden Gate backwards. Which we did along with all kinds of big fast boats. A pro 40 cat. went out and could not get back in. Once we started motoring (that iron jib always seems to work) it still took us 2.5 hours to get back to Alameda. Along the way we passed boats who must have wanted to eat lunch on the hook at pier 39 since non of them finished either. So a long story short: 350 boats started, 2 finished and one of those was DSQ because of no running lights after dark. The winner went to Red Rock first! But it was a great day to be out on the water. Here's your link to 2014 Season's Standings.

Aeolian YC
Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 'Round Alameda Parade
Great way to start off our 40th year - a new record of 29 people representing 11 Islanders in the January 1st 'Round Alameda Circumnavigation Parade! Starting just before 1000 hours, channel 72 fired up with boats checking in, and before you could count there were 8 Islanders on the water and heading for the three bridges that separate the main docking area from the most tempting feast at Aeolian Yacht Club at the shallowest point around Alameda Island. For pictures galore, follow the link to 'Round Alameda Circumnavigation Parade 2014!.

December Picture of the Month: RYC Spnosors Bill & Pattie O'Connor
We had a great Fall Meeting, and thanks to Bill & Pattie O'Connor, we had it at Richmiond Yacht Club with a delicious dinner, a great view and warm hospitality. check out the Fall Meeting Story & Pictures..
We always need more pictures, so limber up your digital camera for some great Islander pictures, here's how.

Corky & Anna Stewart's Cruising Blog
Though Corky & Anna have morphed their I-36 Brigid into Kabria, a Sabre 402, andare off on that dream of the cruising life. Now on the east coast and headed south for the winter, they send their best to their Islander frineds and provide this link to their adventures: www.kabriasailing.com. Enjoy.

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