2005 Islander 36 Racing Calendar

(As recommended to the YRA in October 2004)

This format is designed to provide a competitive 10–race Season’s Championship series with a mix of distance and course racing and includs 3 after-race social events, plus a Spring Race Clinic (held at the Encinal Cruise rendezvous) and three additional Regatta opportunities, with 2 more social evenings, and finally, 7 additional races where a group of five or more Islander might sign up and get their own start.

Said another way, you can commit to only 10 races on 9 days and win the Season’s Championship, including 3 social gatherings. You can also pick from 3 additional regatta events and the Race clinic – all of which have social events. For the die-hard racer (who is determined to get better with practice), you can race all 30 races on the schedule.



Season Championship

Stand-alone Fleet Events

Individual or group participation


Best 8 of 10 Races (2 throwouts)

Attendance encouraged


10 Races

13 Races

7 Races


Jan 15-16


CYC Mid Winters – 2 races

Feb 19-20


CYC Mid Winters – 2 races


March 19


Spring Meeting - Measurement possible - email Kris Youngberg kyoungberg@coaptsystems.com


April 17


Sail Trim Clinic - Get Details & Make Reservations Race Clinic - Sail Trim.


Apr 23-24


Rules Seminar @ Encinal 2-4 pm, with US Judge Tom Roberts Details & Reservations


Apr 30

Vallejo – race up (party)


May 1

Vallejo – race back


May 14



May 21

Stone Cup – St. FYC 2 races (party)

Link to Notice of Race & Fees
Link to Entry Form.

May 22


Stone Cup – St. FYC 1 or 2 more races


June 4



June 18



June 25


Treasure Island


Aug 6


Encinal Race (Pt. Bonita)

Aug 7


Encinal Race (TI Course)

Aug 20

South Bay (followed by Pier 40 party)


Aug 27

Knox/Bonita (HDA)


Sept 2,3 & 4


St. FYC Labor Day Regatta – 3 to 5 races


Sept 10

ODCA Treasure Island


Oct 8- 9


I-36 Nationals – 3 races




Originally Proposed 9-15-04