2007 Islander 36 Racing Calendar

In creating the schedule for the upcoming season we've gathered input from last year's participants and have attempted to balance the courses between one-race and two-race days. We've also tried to vary the courses in a way that will continue to challenge our skippers. In that vein, we will have 11 races spread over 8 race days. Five of those days will be one-race days and 3 will be two-race days. We will continue to allow two throw-outs.

A new addition to our schedule this year is the Casual Classic Series. This is a short selection of casual, fun races during our regular season regattas. These races do not count toward the season standings, but they serve two purposes. First they provide a place for I-36 skippers to try their hand at racing, and second, they provide additional experience and training for skippers who desire more racing with Islanders. They are YRA races so those racing rules apply, but other than that, there will be few restrictions this year for this category. Spinnakers will be allowed. Specific "rules" for the Casual Classic will be announced as they are formed, and discussed at the Spring Meeting.

This series is still a work in progress, but its purpose is to allow for a different kind of competition between Islanders that does not have the pressure of season standings. Because the courses are a part of our regular regattas, I'm hoping that traditional Season Championship skippers will participate in the casual races and perhaps the casual skippers will try their hand at a Season race or two. Plus, with the overnight raft-ups the renowned Islander 36 camaraderie will only be strengthened.

One or two additional races may be added before the season begins. These races will be in conjunction with I36 cruises. If two races are added we will allow one throw out. Again, final details for this series will be presented at the Spring Meeting.

In addition, at year end we're inviting Islanders of all sizes to the All Islander Rendezvous and Fun Race on September 22nd. Here's a chance for the casual skipper to join a fun race, and for I-30 or I-40, or even Freeport 36 owners to come and race for a fun afternoon. Then in October, it's the "Nationals" regatta. Both of these are separate stand-alone events.

Questions? Email Race Chair Michele Williams.



Season Championship Series

Casual Classic Series & Specials


Best 9 of 11 Races (2 throwouts)


March 17

Spring Meeting - San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere. Race Chair Michele Williams is organizing a Rules Clinic for the morning, before the lunch and Spring Meeting. That's a good reason to sail over on Friday night, or drive in early on Saturday. Cruisers are encouraged to attend - learn that the rules are easy and no barrier to coming out and enjoying some racing!! The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2007 - and be treated to Kit Wiegman's tales of how he fixed up Cassiopeia and sailed the Pacific Cup to Hawaii (and back!)
Spring Meeting Coordinator: John Melton
Rules Clinic Coordinator: Michele Williams
More details and the reservation form will be posted in Upcoming Events in January.

Measurement possible - email Kris Youngberg kyoungberg@coaptsystems.com


April 14

Sail Trim Clinic for Cruisers & Racers at Golden Gate Yacht Club. It's great for cruisers as well as racers. Shaping sails effectively for the prevailing conditions and knowing when to change gears is an essential skill for all sailors. Racers and cruisers alike crave comfortable, fast and adventurous sailing experiences. Michael Whitfield, professional sailing educator with over 30 years of teaching experience, will introduce you to the art and science of shaping sails with exciting visual presentations that crystallize the precise shapes and orientation of sails for maximum efficiency.
More details and reservation form Details & Reservations

May 5

  Vallejo race up, spinnakers allowed; (Party!)

May 6

Vallejo race back (no spinnakers) - 1 race


May 19

South Bay, Alameda side - 2 races, Encinal YC


June 9

Knox - 1 race, Sausalito YC


June 23

Summer Sailstice - 2 races Event
Olympic Circle, South Beach YC
Party after at TI

July 28

On 7/18 this race was moved to the Season's Championship Series 2nd Half Opener - long course, Encinal YC

July 29

2nd Half Opener - short course - 1 race, Encinal YC On 7/18 this race was moved to the Casual Classic Series

Aug 18

S. Bay - San Francisco side - 2 races, Bay View Boat Club  

Aug 25

City Front - 1 race, Oakland YC  

Sept 8

ODCA Season Closer - Knox - 1 race, Corinthian YC
Party after at Corinthian

Sept 9

  ODCA Season Closer - Southampton - 2 short races, Corinthian YC
End of Classic Series
Sept 22   All Islander Rendezvous - The Estuary - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed (but don't know about blue!!) Yes, once there was an All Islander regatta on the Bay - a day of racing for all Islanders. The Canadians have done two great All Islander rendezvous in Vancouver's Gulf Islands. We're going to borrow from the Canadians, but combine the old race with a cruise for something new. Working with both the Oakland and Encinal Yacht Clubs, the plan looks like this: Arrive Friday night if possible - dinner at the Oakland Yacht Club. Saturday, arrive by early afternoon for a fun race, with the cruisers as spectators - Season Championship racers are invited to come too. Then dinner at Encinal Yacht Club, and finally, a Sunday breakfast at Oakland YC to finish it off.
Coordiantors: Rick & Sandy Van Mell
Details TBD

Oct 6


Nationals - 2 races, San Francisco YC
Party after at San Francisco YC

Oct 7


Nationals - 1 race, San Francisco YC