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2009 Cruise Schedule

Welcome to the 2009 Cruise Schedule. This is our tentative schedule, and as we get details for individual events you can Click on the "Get Details / Make Reservation" links for more information for specific events, and to let the Cruise Coordinators know you are joining the fleet. On-line registration forms will also be available for the current event on the Events page about a month before the event. If you would like to volunteer to be an Event Coordinator, email or call the Cruise Chair Team Anna Stewart & Carol Williams.

Google Earth - Cruises: At our 2009 Spring Meeting our guest speaker Andrew Vik gave a great presentation on his travels in the Med, including a slide showing a Google Earth image of Italy showing his cruise legs and ports of call. Our distinguished Past Commodore and avid cruise fan Skipper Wall wondered if we couldn't do a similar thing for our cruises. So here are some choices for you. First, here is a static image of the 2009 Cruise Locations. A careful proofreader might ask what happened to the April 24-26 Encinal Cruise and the November 7 Fall Meeting at Oakland YC. Well, to get an image area large enough to cover even the main Bay and include Half Moon Bay, the "pins" for these two are hidden under the All Islander Pin for September 11-13. Now for the magic. If you have Google Earth, you can click on 2009 Google Earth Cruises and you will be able to zoom in and see all three - and even the wonderful "U" shape of the Encinal YC Guest dock. If you don't already have it (and it's a really fun toy), click here to get Google Earth.

Sat, March 21Spring Meeting - San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere. Race Chair Tom Newton has organized a New Rules Clinic for the morning, before the lunch and Spring Meeting. That's a good reason to sail over on Friday night, or drive in early on Saturday. Cruisers are encouraged to attend - learn that the rules are easy and no barrier to coming out and enjoying some racing!! The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2009.
Coordinators: Cruise Chair Team Anna Stewart & Carol Williams.
More details and the reservation form are here.
Sat April 4Sailing Clinic for Cruisers & Racers at GGYC - details to be confirmed.
Sat/Sun, April 24-26 Encinal Yacht Club and our fabulous Shopping Night at Svendsens. Don't miss it! We're looking at lunch at Encinal on Saturday - so come Friday night or early on Saturday - then on to Svendsens for wine & cheese and Really Great Prices.
Coordinators: Charles Hodgkins or Kathryn Munn Hodgkins
Sat-Mon, May 23-25Memorial Day Weekend - Petaluma Cruise This year we're headed for the Marina, just below the Petaluma Basin. - details to follow.
Coordinators:(Email removed)
Sat, June 13South Beach - As & Giants Ball Game!
Coordinators: Myphi Alloy & Dan Knox
Fri-Sun, June 19-21Port Ludlow, Washington All Islander Rendezvous, Puget Sound.
Pictures of the 2008 Rendezvous & Details for 2009: www.IslanderYachtClubNW.com
Coordinators: Doug & Eileen Penny
Fri-Sun, July 3-5Here's a great treat for the July 4th weekend. First, catch the Friday flood tide to ride it all the way up the Napa River to Tim & Rhonda Shea's house.
Details & Reservation Form
Coordinators: Tim & Rhonda Shea
TBD, July Possible 5th Canadian All Islander Rendezvous Coordinators: TBD
Fri/Sun Aug 14-16 Coyote Point Cruise. Saturday night plan to bring your own entree to cook on a grill, plus a side to share. Maybe even a Bingo game! Docking fees are $15/night with the first night free. Come on Friday night if you like;probably a potluck. The entrance to Coyote has been dredged so the tides are not as critical as they have been in the past. Here are links to Coyote Point's Dock, and Coyote Point Museum.
Coordinators: Jocelyn Swanson (Zingara) & Glenn Zimmerman (Dayna Marie).
Sat-Mon Sept 5-7Labor Day Half Moon Bay
Coordinator: TBD
Fri-Sun, Sept 11-13All Islander Rendezvous - The Estuary
Rendezvous Logo
Click to enlarge

It's getting to be a tradition: it's the 3rd Annual All Islander Rendezvous. Arrive Friday night if possible - dinner at the Oakland Yacht Club. Saturday, arrive by early afternoon for a Fun Race, with the cruisers as spectators - racers are invited to come for the day. Then dinner at Encinal Yacht Club, and finally, a Sunday breakfast at Oakland YC to finish it off. For those who have not spent time looking at other Islanders, you will be amazed at the variety of styes and the ingenuity with which owners have added great gadgets and conveniences to their boats. Why it's just like an All Islander Boat Show!
Details: Information & Reservation Form here.
Coordiantors: Rick & Sandy Van Mell
Sat, October 3 GGYC - Nationals Regatta - Saturday - 2 or 3 races
Nationals Awards, & Nibbles at Golden Gate YC! Cruisers welcome.
Coordinator: Tom Newton
Sat-Sun, October 16-18Hallowwen celebration at Pt. San Pablo YC. Pumpkin carving, trick-or-treats, and tatto artistry.
Coordinator: Harry Farrell & Carol Williams.
Sat, November 7Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner at Oakland Yacht Club.
Details & Reservation Form
Coordinator: Vice Commodore Michele Williams

Additional Information

For more information about cruising, E-Mail the Cruise Chair Team

Anna Stewart & Carol Williams.

The Islander Association establishes its annual Cruise schedule based on the general input of members, and may include destinations around the Bay, on river tributaries, and outside the Golden Gate. However, the Association assumes no liability for any event. It is the sole responsibility of each individual owner to decide if his or her boat and crew are suitable for a given event, and whether to participate, start or continue in any event.

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