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2014 Cruise Schedule

Welcome to the first edition of your creative 2014 Islander 36 Cruise Schedule with (like a good wedding) something old, something new, something borrowed and lots of blue water! The theme is inclusion and family fare. While it looks to be great, we need to confirm the availability of various venues, so you will see the red TBC (To Be Confirmed) for all of the items that need to get checked off. Where there isn't a TBC, it's already tied down. I congratulate your 2014 Cruise Chairs Ruby Blenderman & Judy Bush, and Past Commodore John Melton who created this beauty on Sunday 11/3/13 at Golden Gate YC.

As usual, we'll add links you can click on to "Get Details / Make Reservations," and to let the Cruise Coordinators know you are joining the fleet. On-line registration forms will also be available for the current event on the Events page about a month before the event. If you would like to volunteer to assist or even be an Event Coordinator, email or call the Cruise Chairs Ruby Blenderman, (707) 747-5569, or Judy Bush,(408) 559-3450.

Wednesday Jan 1 'Round Alameda Parade This fun annual event is a chance to get on the water and kick off the New Year with a blast. All are invited to stop at various yacht clubs around Alameda Island to sample their offerings of chili, Bloody Marys and Gin Fizzes. This year the tide is about as good as it gets with a high tide of 7.78 feet occuring at 1110. That's plenty of water to get out around the island for those that want to go all the way around. You may want to travel quickly because there is a mighty ebb of 4 knots at 1500, so get past Aeolian YC, under the bridge and out to deep water by about 1330 to be safe. To join the fun, assemble at either Marina village - Gate 8 - or Encinal YC, of just out in the Estuary about 1000 hours. The weather forecast is reasonable, so here is a Sign Up Form for members who would like to participate, or even just bring family & friends to ride along with other Islanders. We typically stand watch on channel 72 to stay in touch. This is great fun if the weather cooperates (or stay home, play Groundhog, and watch football if it's bad!)
Sat. Mar 15 Spring Meeting at Golden Gate Yacht Club Here's the spot to get a jump on the new season. If you haven't seen the completely remodeled GGYC, you're in for a special treat - it's First Class all the way, done in America's Cup style. Sail on over Saturday morning early, or even come Friday night, and be ready when the fun begins 1130 Saturday. The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2014 and feature guest speaker Tom Ehman of the America's Cup Event Authority. Docking is $15/night!
Coordinator: Pat Salvo
Sat. Apr 12 Racing/Sail Trim Clinic at Golden Gate Yacht Club Our guest speaker will be noted boat designer Jim Antrim to help us understand the speed potential of Islanders and how to set the boat up correctly. Follow this link for Sail Trim Clinic Details and Sign-Up.
Coordinator Kit Wiegman.

Fri -Sun. Apr 18-20 Encinal Cruise & Svendsen's Night on 4/19 5:30 pmThis is planned tobe a big family-friendly event. The idea is to have Islanders gather for lunch at EYC for their lighter fare lunch ("Bar Menu") around 1200 - 1330, followed by youngster games. If it's warm, there's time for a quick swim in Encinal's pool. Then it's on to the very special Svendsen's Night about 1730. Svendsen's opens its doors after hours just for the I-36 fleet and offers great discounts on most items. Line in particular is often 40% off! So plan to join us by boat for the weekend or by car (and maybe some ice cream dockside afterwards.) Note the date has changed from 4/26 due to the rescheduling of the Vallejo Race. Follow this link for Encinal Cruise & Svendsen's Discount Night.
Coordinator Judy Bush.
Sat - Mon, May 24-26 Memorial DayThere are no formal I-36 events planned for Memorial Day -- time for everyone to be with their families.
Sat - Sun, May 31- June 1 Presidio YC at Travis Marina. This is a new venue - never been there before. When's the last time you told your friends, "we rendezvoused right under the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge? Yes, it can be windy and foggy. But, weather permitting, you can sail family or guests or just yourselves under the GG and out a ways toward Point Bonita. Then scurry back to this well protected harbor and enjoy a special potluck for the weekend. (When's the last time you took your kids (or grandkids) under the Golden Gate?!)
Coordinator Judy Bush.
Sat-Sun. June 21-22 Summer Sailstice Family Cruise! Here's a nation-wide expression of a love for sailing. Across the country everyone is invited to get out and sail on the longest daylight day of the year. So,here's the idea. All participating Islanders will rendezvous on the south side of Yerba Buena Island, off the old lighthouse, at 1300. Keep watch on channel 72, and we'll sail under the Bay Bridge on the San Francisco side, and reach north on the north side of Treasure Island. We'll ease off and round the northern tip of Treasure Island, then reach back to Clipper Cove. (Did you know it was named after the Pan American pontoon airplanes known as the Clipper ships?) Raft up and have a family-friendly potluck of hot dogs, chili, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, or anything else that your kids (and their friends you brought along) would like. This is a one-day event. Start from your home port, join a sail with other Islanders, have fun and some food, and head home for great memories for everyone on board. Hey, if some want to stay anchored out all night in Clipper Cove and have a leisurly Sunday breakfast on board, so much the better.
Coordinator Rick Van Mell.
Fri-Sun. July 4-6 July 4th Benicia Bash This is a great fleet sailing opportunity. We will have a weak ebb against us most of the 25 miles to Benicia, about 5 hours at 5 knots over the bottom. That should get us up to Benicia about 1500, plenty of time to settle in before fireworks start! But, the big draw is an invitation to dinner Saturday at Rob & Ruby Blenderman's house - just a nice walk, or short car ride, from the marina. We'll aim for a fleet gathering at the north end of Treasure Island at 1000 hours Friday morning and sail up together. Monitor channel 72 to stay in touch, or report in to the fleet if you are ahead or behind the 1000 start. Those in the South Bay may want to try to bring their boat up to Emeryville for an informal potluck Thursday night so they can get a good night's sleep before Friday morning. Return to the Bay on Sunday, or use this as a jumping off point for a week-long Delta cruise.
Coordinator Ruby Blenderman.
Fri-Sun July 4-6 7th Canadian All Islander
Thetis Island - Canada Details: Information & Reservation Form.
Coordinators: Bert & Carey Vermeer
Sat. July 26Giants GameThis is always a fun event. (It's against the LA Dodgers!) This will be a first-come-first-served event with only 30 spots available. John Melton started with a block of 30 tickets at $49 each. They will be selling out fast, and there's no guarantee we can get more in the same area once they are gone. (Hope to have a game report one of these days!)
Coordinator: John Melten.
Sat Sept 27 Treasure Island Swap Meet This is another new idea. In addition to hospitality at the Treasure Island Yacht Club, the last Weekend of every month is a great Swap Meet on Treasure Island, and they have an abundance of Food Trucks with dozens of meal ideas. This event includes a jurried art show, so there are some very special things available. And, it's a great place to hang with fellow Islanders. You can come for just a day, or mingle with other Islanders for a full weekend.
Coordinator Ruby Blenderman.
Sat. Nov. 1Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner at Richmond Yacht Club.Richmond provides lots of good racing, has ample dock space, and holds great parties. Fall Meeting Info and Reservation Form.

Additional Information

For more information about cruising, E-Mail the Cruise Chairs

Ruby Blenderman or Judy Bush

The Islander Association establishes its annual Cruise schedule based on the general input of members, and may include destinations around the Bay, on river tributaries, and outside the Golden Gate. However, the Association assumes no liability for any event. It is the sole responsibility of each individual owner to decide if his or her boat and crew are suitable for a given event, and whether to participate, start or continue in any event.

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