Islander 36 Association
2017 Racing Schedule

Here is your 2017 Racing Schedule from Fleet Captain Eric Mueller, & Measurer Kit Wiegman. Plan to join us for a fun year of racing. Everyone is encouraged to joins us for some or all of the races. If you're interested, we may be able to provide a "racing coach" to help you get started - just ask.

The season races are listed, followed by the Islander 36 Sailing Instructions for this seaosn.

Thank you,
Eric Mueller

For more information about racing, email Fleet Captain: Eric Mueller.

2017 Islander 36 Races

Date Event Name Races Host Notes
Sat Jan 28 3 Bridge Fiasco 1 Singlehanded Sailing Society Season's Championship
Sat. Mar 18 Spring Meeting - Golden Gate YC Meet racers old and new; Review the Schedule; Have fun!
Sat. Apr 1
New Date
Sail Clinic - Encinal YC Some new ideas coming up - stay tuned.
Sat May 6 Vallejo Race - up 1 Vallejo YC Spinnaker & Non-Spinnaker scoring
Season's Championship; Party!
Sun May 7 Vallejo Race - back 1 Vallejo YC NOT Season's Championship
Sat May 20 YRA # 1 2 Golden Gate Yacht Club Non-Spinnaker
Season's Championship
Sat Jun 24 YRA #2 2 Berkeley Circle Non-Spinnaker
Season's Championship
Sat July 22 YRA #3 2 South Beach Yacht Club Non-Spinnaker
Season's Championship
Sat Aug 5 Coyote Point Destination Challenge 1 Coyote Point Yacht Club Non-Spinnaker
Season's Championship
Cruisers encouraged to try racing on this one. Racers, plan to spend the evening or overnight to wine & dine at the fine Coyote Point Yacht Club! Guest dock available for 8-12 boats with night guest services! Eric Mueller - CPYC
Sat Sept 30 Season Closer 1 YRA/Corinthian Yacht Club Spinnaker & Non-Spinnaker scoring
Season's Championship
Sun Oct 1 Season Closer 1 YRA/Corinthian Yacht Club NOT Season's Championship
Sat. Oct. 14 I-36 Nationals Regatta 2-3 Golden Gate YC Not part of Season's Championship.
Sat. Nov 4 Fall Meeting & Winner's Dinner - TBD Celebrate the Season!

Islander 36 Sailing Instructions

For the Islander Fleet, the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing will be used, but modified as noted below. The 2017 season will consist of 10 races.
Three race days, YRA #1, #2, and #3 are two races each day.
8 of the 10 races will be raced as non-spinnaker with 135% jibs as standard.
But, to incourage spinnaker racing, two races, to Vallejo 5/6, and Season Closer 9/30, will be Spinnaker Choice and will be scored separately for those that use spinnakers and those that race non-spinnaker. That means for those two races, there can be two boats that are scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. for the Season's Championship. The Ormand Cup will be awarded to the boat with the highest Season Standing that flew a spinnaker. If that boat happens to also be 1st in the Season championship standings, the Buster Hammond Trophy for the Non-Spinnaker championship will go to the highest scored boat that did not fly a spinnaker.

The standard I-36 PHRF rating of 144 will be the base rating. Ratings will be adjusted as follows, based on the data for that boat on the I-36 web page I-36 PHRF Measurements Input. If your boat is not listed, or the data needs to be updated, email Measurer Kit Wiegman.

Rating adjustments:
Fixed 2 blade prop = +10 sec/mi
Fixed 3 blade prop = +15 sec/mi
Largest headsail 115% or smaller = +6 sec/mi
Largest headsail 140% or higher = -6 sec/mi
Tall rigs = -6 sec/mi
Non-Spinnaker - no adjustment
Roller furling - no adjustment
Boat weight - no allowance for weight differences

We are using a modified low point system to encourage more people to join us with one point for first two for second, on down the line. Did Not Finish (DNF) is equal to number of starters for the race plus one. Did Not Compete (DNC) is equal to number of boats entered plus two.

Each participant is allowed three throw outs for the season. For scoring purposes, the first throwout will be counted after 5 races, the seocnd after 7, and the third after 9.

The Season's Championship entry fee is $300, plus, you need to join the YRA (Yacht Racing Association)if you're not a member - $50.
You can sign up at https://www.jibeset.net/YRA000.php?RG=T00907422


These races are sponsored and conducted by individual yacht clubs under the general rules of the YRA. The Islander Association simply has scheduled a start for Islanders in their races and assumes no liability for race events. It is the responsibility of each individual owner to decide if his or her boat and crew are suitable for a given event, and whether to participate, start or continue to race in any event.