Robert Aston asked about anchor sizes and types aboard Islanders. Here are some pictures taken at the Fall Meeting 2002. It is interesting to see the range, not only of anchors, but the bow rollers and the placement of runnling lights. Look closely and you will see the original placement of lights on the wood toerail at the bow, but also on both the upper and lower rails of the bow pulpit.

Silver Shadow, (Al & Nancy Farnum) carries a 33 lb. Bruce forward. And a Danforth-like Fortress on the stern. Note the roller on the rail for the stern anchor line.
Ophira (Gary & Pat Salvo) hang a Danforth forward. As does the Freeport Escape (Bruce & Carol Hunter).
Snowflower has a plow or CQR, and note the access hatch to the rode on this pre-anchor locker Islander. (Boats prior to about 1974 or 75.) Beyond her is the plow on the Freeport Noncents (Jack & Sandy Thompson) Diana (Lou & Diane Zevanov) sports a Bruce and a Sampson Post.

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