June 30 - July 2, 2001
Benicia Marina Rendezvous
An early start caught the very end of the flood to Benicia, leaving those who had a long way to come fighting the current gods to catch up. But 12 boats made their way up, and, counting the two members berthed at Benicia, Candice Marie who flew her I-36 burgee, and Mai Pen Rai, Noble & Barbra Brown's boat, plus Tim & Meryl Koester who sailed in on Sunday, and then add Tim & Rhonda Shea who came by car, and Jim (Smokey) Stover & Laurie who arrived on motorcylce, we had 16 boats represented.

It was a beautiful sail with modest winds (by San Pablo Bay standards), mild temperatures and a blue sky. Ten boats were all rafted together, dressed in flags for the July 4th weekend. With an early afternoon arrival, there was plenty of time to gather in cockpits, do projects, and generally hang out until dinner time.

Rendezvous hosts Bruce and Carol Hunter did a terrific job. On the way up they passed out clues for "The Mystery Cruise", a challenge to indentify landmarks along the way. Dinner choices of salmon or steak were terrific too. Two long tables were filled with good times and flowing spirits to finish Saturday.

Sunday was a day to relax and avoid the heat. Except for the intrepid crew that played Bocce Ball on the lawn infront of the clubhouse most of the afternoon. Vice-Commodore Dennis, Matt and Judy Bush were star players as you can see below.

Bruce and Carol did it again on Sunday evening with a terrific combination of appetizers brought by the fleet and hamburgers cooked on the grill with all the fixins. Rick inquired, then volunteered to do the cooking and managed to keep most of the flames within a foot or two of the grill!

The trick on Monday was how and when to get out. A big sailboat tried it early in the morning, but wound up firmly planted in the middle of the channel until the Harbormaster came in and towed him through the mud around 0830. Vanishing Animal was the test sled about 0945, and many more followed after that. San Pablo Bay treated them to a mirror finish until the first boats reached Point San Pablo, when the wind turned on. A few, like Carol & Bruce Hunter were staying through the 4th for a visit from family and to watch the local fireworks. It was a great weekend.

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The fleet at Benicia. Looks like a party.
The fleet shows its colors. Talk about a portable party!
Tough life Jack Thompson? "Noncents!" Sandy Van Mell participates in Ophira party with Don Schumacher and Marty Grifin most visible.
Commodore Gary & Pat Salvo find reading material. Rick & Sandy wrapped Vanishing Animal's wheel.
The Regulars on the porch with prospective I-36 buyers Sol & Nancy in foreground. Roger & Patty Miligan enjoying the evening.
Comfort in the cockpit.. The Bush & Cucksey teams are ready to party.
Bruce & Rick engage in song. The women have better things to talk about!
The other end of the porch crew. Carol Hunter finalizes dinner plans with Benicia Commodore Ginny Glover and server Logan.
This is Table # 1! Reverse angle.
This Table #2! Other end.
Kim and Logan, the crew that took great care of us. Bruce Hunter, with Commodore's help, ready to present the Mystery Cruise winners.
I-36 Commodore Gary Salvo and Benicia Commodore congratulate Caol Hunter (and Bruce) on a great dinner and cruise. Treasurer Harry Farrell enjoys the Benicia Loving Cup.
Let the Games begin! Pat, Gary & Kathy Salvo watch the Bocce game.
Dennis & Matt Bush take on... Judy Bush & local expert John.
Judy throws a mighty pitch. It's so close they have to measure.
Meryl Koester and Rhonda Shea catch up before dinner... While Tim Shea entertains Ian.
Bill Higdon & Peter Wilhite hold down the bar. Sandy Van Mell, Tim Koester & Bruce Hunter keep cool on the porch.
Hamburger Round Table! Homeward bound.

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