May 14, 2005
Bay to Breakers (Foot)Race

Nine years ago Pat & Gary Salvo and Kay Farrell started "running" in the annual Bay to Breakers race from the Bay side of San Francisco near the beginning of Howard Street, across the city to finish at the ocean side of Golden Gate Park - hence the name "Bay to Breakers". You may have heard about the 50-70,000 people who participate - as real world class runners, "centipedes" of teams tied together, and all manner of costumes from the sublime to the nude.

Four years ago Kay lost her battle with cancer, but Pat & Gary, plus Islanders Fran & Brian Jacobs, and the Bush family have carried on the tradition. Smokey Stover came by motorcycle to check out the fun. This year the race fell on the same day as the Knox Race or there might have been more participants.

In the pictures, the guys in green hats (starting area picture) will all be stark naked in 5 minutes. We had the unfortunate luck to start the race with these guys. We finally pulled to the side to let them go by because we were tired of worrying about swinging our arms as we walked! And you definitely didn't want to stop suddenly!

The bloody patient has a rolling IV. The butterflies are nearing the last turn into the finish. I wish we had gotten some with a bunch of the costumes in one shot but there weren't as many costumes this year. It was probably the tamest B2B we've done.

Pictures and story from Gary & Pat Salvo.

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Ophira & Natural High...
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with runner (?) Dennis Bush
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Pat & Gary Salvo,
Brian & Fran Jacobs,
Matt & Dennis Bush
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At the Java House
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Ready to run with
Marci & Michelle,
Kay's daughters
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Starting area
note all of the
green hats!
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Huff & Puff
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Wounded patient
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Approaching the end.

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