September 28-29, 2002
Coyote Point Cruise

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Blend together a mix of a dozen regular and new Islander cruisers, season with good food and spirits, warm gently in soft September sunshine and you'll have the picture-perfect Islander cruise to Coyote Point Yacht Club on September 28-29, 2002. Cruise sponsors Brian & Fran Jacobs made it as nice and enjoyable as it could be.

Light winds, even southerly light winds, taunted the fleet as they sailed the 15 miles south from the Bay Bridge to Coyote Point. Most had a mix of gentle sailing and easy powering along the way. That's a contrast from the strong, cool westerly sleigh ride more typical earlier in the year. Skipper & Nancy Wall sailed Snowflower down on Friday evening to join local Coyote Point residents and Freeport owners Brian & Fran Jacobs on Blue Moon, and new members and new boat owners Glenn & Julianne Zimmermann with their Dayna Marie II. Glenn purchased their Freeport after years of looking at it, and has spent the last few weeks bringing her up to Bristol fashion.

Rick and brother Derrick Van Mell tacked Vanishing Animal down the six miles from Sierra Point as the breeze shifted from southeast, through south, to southwest. The rest of the fleet arrived shortly with Commodore Dennis, Judy & Matt Bush on Natural High, Ron & Karen Damsen on Woodbine, Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins on Mischief, Bill Higdon and crew Ron on Blockbuster, Peter Wilhite & Don Henderson on Kindred Spirits, Ashley, Katherine & Savannah Trewman on Mariah, and Ken, Louise & Jordan Landis on Seafair. Harry Farrell & friend Carol Williams completed the party when they arrived in the middle of cocktail hour with Pacific High.

Ron & Karen invited the crowd aboard Woodbine for cocktail hour, and we spilled along the dock with our usual assortment of nibbles and drinks. Arriving by car were a wonderful couple, Lou & Diane Zevanov. They are an interesting couple. He said he was the first Islander 36 Assoc. Commodore. When the boats were first introduced, Don Wilson was the local Islander dealer and Don gave Lou a discount on an Islander 36 if Lou would organize an owners group, which Lou did out of the St. Francis Yacht Club. (I'm not sure how the San Francisco YC became host of our Assoc. and why we all think it was started there.) He had many fascinating stories and would be a wonderful resource for the newsletter, if we can get him to write some this stuff down. They sold their original boat in the 70's and, after a long time away from their boat, they repurchased it this year and are keeping it in Santa Cruz!

New owners Glenn & Julianne Zimmermann shared their progress and goals in updating their Freeport, to be renamed Dayna Marie II. So far lots of interior and exterior varnish work has been done, and the boat looks great already.

Around 1800 we headed for the Coyote Point bar and were welcomed to a wonderful evening of sailing stories, great silver bowls of mussels, clams, and little chunks of corn and potato - a clambake in a bowl! Washed down with the fruit of the grape, it made for a fun meal. Commodore Bush thanked Coyote Point Yacht Club for their hospitality, and we finished up the evening with Rick's guitar and a songfest.

Sunday morning it was bagels and smear in the warm sunshine - no fog or wind. As boats peeled off and headed north after 1000, some even found breeze to complete their trips home.

We have added initials after our pictures to credit the various photo sources:

Don Henderson, (Kindred Spirits) = dh
Ken & Louise Landis, (Seafair) = kl
Rick Van Mell, (Vanishing Animal) = rvm
Ron Damsen, (Woodbine) = rd
William (Bill) Higdon, (Blockbuster) = wh

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A light weather beat from the Bay Bridge. rd Dodging traffic! rd
View from CPYC Clubhouse, Bill Higdon surveys the fleet. rvm A pretty sight all lined up. rvm
Mischief oustide Snowflower & Seafair oustide Woodbine. wh Seafair looking good. wh
Ron relaxes in the cockpit on Blockbuster. wh Outer end of the fleet. wh
Two Freports - Blue Moon & Dayna Marie II. rvm Glenn Zimmermann's Freeport doesn't have her new name painted yet. rvm
Very peaceful! Let the good flags fly! rvm
Ashley Trewman chats with Peter Wilhite & Don Henderson. rvm Ashley, Rick & Charles kibitz. wh
Cruise sponsor Brian Jacobs. rd Skipper says, "Where is everyone?" rd
Becky Stoller, Julieanne & Glenn Zimmerman and Skipper & Nancy Wall start cocktails on Woodbine. rvm Karen & Ron Damsen host aboard Woodbine with the back sides of Lou & Diane Zevanov. rvm
The usual suspects! rvm Julieanne unfazed by Woodbine's new radar! rvm
The fruit of the grape flows. rd See what it did to the Commodore! rd
Oh Louise! It's cocktail hour! rvm Louise & Ken Landis join in from Seafair. rvm
Now that's a smile! rd Messing around in the dinghy. rd
Thelma & Louise? The Banger Sisters? rvm Harry Farrell & friend Carol Williams arrive. rvm
Harry says, "Is this the Place for the rave?" rd So much fun the upstairs neighbors tried to drop in. rd
A wet salty dog Teak leads Derrick and Sandy back to the boat. rvm The overflow crowd on the dock. rvm
Cruise Chair team of Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins imbibe before dinner. dh The Trewmans join the porch crowd. dh
Settling down for some serious eating. rd The kids are ready to chow down. rd
Camaraderie. rd Mellow Yellow. rd
Commodore Bush at the microphone. rvm New Members enjoying the evening. rvm
Rick plunks away. rd Front row singers. rd
Spars at sunrise. rd Reflecting pool. rd
Tranquility base. rd Just an average breakfast on Woodbine. rd
Blockbuster moves right along. kl Natural High & Woodbine flank Candlestick (3 Com?) Park.
Kindred Spirits heads home. rd Peter drives, Don waves. rd
Seafair is looking for wind. rd Found it! rd
Woodbine finds wind too. kl Paddle faster kids! kl
GPS to the Bay Bridge. wh Kindred Spirits' flags fly. dh

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