April 17-18, 1999
Coyote Point "Southwestern" Rendezvous
A light wind start turned in to a nice ride. It was warm enough for a good dockside gathering. Hope you enjoy a peek at our fun weekend with 11 Islanders. Sure enjoy seeing those Freeport Islanders all lined up. You can sit back and enjoy them. Even download them with a right mouse click and blow them up to full screen on your machine if you like.

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Fred & Barb Cucksey head Misfit south framed by the Bay Bridge. Ophira carries Gary & Pat Salvo (your Newsletter editors) south.
Sliver Shadow slides in to leeward of Ophira. Misfit slides through light air abeam of SF airport.
Misfit turns the corner at the bottom of the Channel. Secure in our slips.
Skipper Wall hoists a cool one aboard Snowflower. Harry Farrell tells Pat Salvo about the one that got away.
The Buffet line forms across Snowflower. Snowflower makes a great serving table.
When we said "Pot Luck" we got pots! Ace Lehman, Bruce Hope and Evelyn & Earl Roberts at the white table.
Dockboxes make good wine tables. Your Commodore goes native; amazes Rhonda Shea!
Ed Henry & crew enjoy dinner. Tim & Rhonda's friends Jeannie & John Conca add to the fun.

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