September 5-7, 1998
Drake's Bay Rendezvous
Where would we be without Tim Koester! His new digital kodak camera caputres so many pixels it took an hour and a half to transmit all 33 of them over an e-mail so we could pare them down to viewing size. But boy are they good. Also thanks to Brian Jacobs for his Point Bonita and Bailey pictures, and Skipper Wall for his additions.

For those of you who have not sailed outside the Golden Gate, this series gives you a good perspective of the variety of conditions you can find. There is the foggy departure past the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday - that's very light fog - hardly worth the name in these parts. There are both clear and hazy views of the majestic hills (only up to about 2,000 feet) along the coast. Of course, if you're fighting a 40 knot winter storm against that lee shore, they are called a lot more than majestic! 25 miles north you can see the dunes of Drake's Bay. And, in between some nice sailing, and even flat motor sailing - yes no wind on the fabled ferocious coast. Several shots show off Point Bonita, the light marking the entrance to San Francisco, about 2 miles west of the bridge. You can sit back and enjoy them. Even download them with a right mouse click and blow them up to full screen on your own computer if you like.

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Headed outbound under the Golden Gate Bailey at the rail checking that parents Brian & Fran Jacobs keep Blue Moon on course.
The Gate astern. Outbound into the fog. Point Bonita to starboard.
Zenith under power. Crossing Four Fathom Bank (The deadly Potato Patch!)
Zenith finds a sailing breeze. Blue Streak gets it too.
But Snowflower has Blue Streak covered. Zenith hangs in there.
Rafting up at Drake's Bay. All lined up.
All secure. And looking good.
Ophira's Cali cat is looking for action. Blue Moon's Bailey is ready to rumble.
Story Hour! Betsy Fowler, Nancy Wall, Don Henderson, Skipper Wall.
Skipper, Pat Salvo, Marty Griffin & Don Schumacher. ??, Dennis Bush & Ed Henry.
Gary checks things out while the party goes on. Gary thinks the trusty outboard will get us to shore this time!
Skipper Wall captures the morning light. Morning Artistry. (By Skipper Wall.)
The hiking crowd looks back at the fleet. Almost 6 miles of hiking includes Pt. Reyes light.
The hikers, starting with Gary & Pat Salvo. Art & Betsy Fowler.
Skipper & Nancy Wall. Dennis Bush.
Snowflower heads for typical Pt. Reyes fog. The end of a perfect day.
Zenith headed back past Pt. Bonita. Passing Pt. Bonita.
Inbound toward the Golden Gate. These cruises are sooo strenuous!

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