April 28-29, 2001
Encinal Yacht Club Cruise
Sunny skies and 15 knots of westerlies greeted the assembling I-36 fleet as they converged on Treasure Island for the run down the estuary to Encinal. Commodore Salvo unleashed the charge of 6 boats about 1120, and the 3 already tied up at Encinal waited to help with the tie-up efforts. It wasn't long before Bill Higdon's Blockbuster and Harry Farrel's Pacific High were locked in a downwind duel. Each going wing & wing and throwing winds shadows as they played the shifts and sides of the channel. It was fun to watch, and in less than an hour we were at Encinal. Backing into the narrow dock area with a power boat fleet already there called for some tight turns, but all made it in without a scratch anywhere.

After time for hellos and a bit of lunch, cruise organizers Vice Commodore Dennis and Judy Bush rounded up 19 folks for a tour of the aircraft carrier Hornet, now permanently docked on the other side of Alameda. We wandered the cavernous hanger deck, climbed forward to the forepeak and chain locker, across the flight deck, down to the wardroom and up to the bridge for 2 hours.

As if one unique boat tour wasn't enough, Peter Wilhite then took us on a tour of a new creation being built at Svendsen's Boatworks - a 90 foot long, 20 foot wide sampan that will be towed to Hawaii and used as a houseboat. Peter has been working with designer Carl Schumacher as an advisor/owner's representative. The sampan has two full staterooms below, plus a main salon or office, a galley and a head, then a glass-enclosed topside deckhouse/master stateroom. It's beautiful woodwork of teak, mahogany, and black walnut, with six coats of satin varnish, and gleaming painted wood were the envy of all. Credit for the woodwork goes to John Philips and Russ (?) who have worked with Svendsen's for many years. The hull is made up of wood-cored fiberglass, with balsa used as the core above the waterline to reduce weight. Even in it's partially completed state it was a marvel to behold.

Back at the marina, all gathered for cocktails around the pool, then enjoyed a fine dinner at Encinal Yacht Club. It was a great cruise with 12 Islanders represented!

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Noncents and Commodore Salvo's Ophira entering the Oakland estuary with San Francisco in the background. Noncents with 4 Our Sanity a few minutes later.
Bill Higdon powers Blockbuster past wing on wing. Blockbuster sharpens up in a puff.
Harry & Kay Farrell slide Pacific HIgh past on the port side, dwarfed by Oakland's newest container cranes. It looks likes Harry's background is destined to be a giant erector set!
Ex-Presidential Yacht Potomac comes by. We all should ride such a nice yacht!.
Encinal Yacht Club's yard entry. Her flags fly high and bright!
The raft at Encinal. Teak is ready to jump ship from Vanishing Animal to find the party.
Skipper Wall toasts us as Nancy and Kay Farrell chat. Noncents and Snowflower attract a crowd.
Cruise organizer Vice Commodore Dennis Bush with Harry Farrell, Judy Bush, and Betsy & Art Fowler. You could say our Vice Commodore is really hooked on the I-36!
Linda McClellen & Nyoda, Pat Salvo with Cathy, and Judy Bush with Teak. Harry Farrell added this snubbing cleat to his anchor well to secure the bitter end.
The crew ready to report aboard the carrier Hornet. Hornet's island is an impressive sight.
Forepeak and anchor locker on Hornet. Betsy & Art Fowler & Dennis and Matt Bush on the flight deck.
Peter Wilhite on the afterdeck describing the houseboat he is helping build. Peter continues the description on the foredeck.
Detail of the woodwork on the cabinhouse - it's simply beautiful. Floor of the cabinhouse.
Left to right: the new Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco, the S/V North Slope. Teak says, "Daddy, do we really have to go home. It was so much fun!"

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