April 27, 2002
Encinal Yacht Club Rendezvous

If you had believed the forecast, you would have stayed home. What was supposed to be windy, cold and rain, turned out to be sunny, good-sailing windy, and shirt-sleeve warm at Encinal. Those living in the south end of the Bay really had to take it on faith though, since it was cold and drizzeling when they left home for their boats. But it all turned out just fine, with eight boats sailing in, plus three neighbor residents at Harbor Villiage Marina, and Bob Knickerbocker & Maureen Drotleff of Woden, and prospective members George & Denise Grubb who own Finesse.

Chief organizer for the weekend was Commodore Dennis & Judy Bush (Natural HIgh), new Members Ashley, Katherine & Savannah Trewman of Moriah came along, but had some engine problems which were attended to Saturday afternoon, plus veteran cruisers, Roger & Linda McClellan (4 R Sanity), Don Henderson (Kindred Spirits), Harry Farrell (Pacific High), Karen & Ron Damsen (Woodbine), Gary & Pat Salvo (Ophira), Skipper & Nancy Wall (Snowflower), Bill & Jim Higdon (Blockbuster), Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins (Mischief), and Rick Van Mell (Vanishing Animal).

The fleet did a very smart job of backing into the docks to be facing bow out. And we were nestled in among six big power boats that were were decorating for Sunday morning's Open Day on the Bay.

Dennis had organized an afternoon visit to the Meyers House - built in 1897. It is a wonderful example of a victorian style house which is in excellent condition. With roped-off rooms described by docents, some in period dress, it was interesting to see fine woodwork and furniture, and such unique items as a very simple typewriter, a combination wood & gas stove, a primative electric toaster, and almost endless pictures and dishware from the period. For more information about the Meyers House, check out http://www.alamedamuseum.org/meyers.html .

When the sun crossed the yardarm, all assembled with goodies aboard Snowflower & Kindred Spirits to celebrate a great day. It's always surprising how many folks can get aboard these boats! The record is probably the 21 on Snowflower on New Years Eve, but 12 to 15 is routine. All you have to do is scan through the pictures, and you can see that nobody was having a good time! Following goodies, we enjoyed the fine food of Encinal Yacht Club for dinner.

Sunday morning the power fleet, which was so conceerned about the Islanders delaying their early morning departure, basically slept in - departing for Opening Day at a respectable 0845. The first of the Islanders headed out right behind them, while others stayed for a liesurly breakfast.

In all, another great weekend for the Islander Fleet. Be sure to check your calendars if you're coming west and see if you can arrange to visit one when you are here.

Pictures are compliments of Rick Van Mell & Bill Higdon, Barb Henderson, and Savannah Trewman, with more promised from Judy Bush. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

The fleet gathers at the east span of the Bay Bridge. Kindred Spirits drives into the South Bay.
Snowflower seen against the Oakland Hills. Harry Farrell has Pacific High flying.
Snowflower & Pacific High frame Kindred Spirits again a Coast Guard Cutter. Looking back at San Francisco.
Wing & wing down the Alameda channel. Mischief head out for racing practice.
Encinal Yacht Club. Judy Bush, Linda McClellan & Nancy Wall supervise shore leave for Cathy & Teak.
Moriah arrives. Ashley does a nice job of spinning Moriah around to back into the raft.
Vanishing Animal flies her signature cockpit shade maker. All tucked in and ready to party.
Party Time! Kindred Spirits crew relaxes.
There's a crowd on Snowflower. You can see what they like.
Dogs, Kids & fun. Matt Bush curls up bewteen Cathy & Teak.
Bill Higdon's picture of Rick taking a picture of Bill while Newsletter Editor Barb Henderson (in yellow) takes a pic of Rick! Rick's pic of Bill Higdon taking pics of the fleet.
Savannah listens to Dad Ashley hash out engine problems! Photographer Savannah.
Fighter aircraft on the port quarter! Power fleet helps rig breast lines.
Friendly power fleet decorates for Opening Day parade. Can you find the Statue of Liberty?!
Prospective members George (holding Jake) & Denise (holding Tyler) Grubb. The Snowflower crowd doesn't miss a beat.
Backs of Commodore & Judy Bush, Kathryn & Charles Hodgkins, and Denise, Tyler, Jake & George Grubb. Maureen Drotleff, Bob Knickerbocker, Jim & Bill Higdon, and Skipper & Nancy Wall.
Kindred Spirits' crew facing away, plus Ashley, Svannah & Katherine Trewman. Roger & Linda McClellan, Matt Bush, Pat Salvo, Karen & Ron Damsen, Gary Salvo (cut off), and Harry Farrell.
Barb captures Roger & Linda, Pat and Karen Damsen in a laugh. Savannah shoots Mom & Dad and Kindred Spirits crew.
Savannah gets George Grubb, Rick, and Judy & Dennis with a smile. Kathryn & Charles get Tyler to smile for Susannah while Mom Denise enjoys and Jake can't be bothered.
End of a great day. A salute to Encinal Yacht Club.

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