March 23 & 24, 2001
Racing Clinic & Spring Meeting
What a great way to start a new season! Daphne Jackson & MIke Dickson started it off with a terrific RAcing Clinic on Friday evening at the San Francisco Yacht Club. Twenty-six people gathered in the Commodore Room to review the upcoming season, eight boats were represented, with plenty of crew too. Don Schumacher gave an overview presentation on preparation and key elements of "the racing game" - most important, remember to have fun! Experienced racers in the group, like Jim Robinson, Larry Terzian and Roger Milligan chipped in too. Rick Van Mell spoke a bit about VAllejo race strategy and other elements of getting a crew ready to race. Starting at 6 pm, it

Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return. Photos by Tim Shea and Bill Higdon.

Pat and new Commodore Gary Salvo ready to take lunch money. Silver Shadow skipper and past El Toro National Champion Nancy Farnum checks in.
New Vice Commodore Dennis Bush of Natural High living up to the name. Jim Robinson, Larry Terzian and Roger Milligan reminiss about the season.
Jim Higdon and Bruce Hunter wait for Skipper Wall to clear the bar. It doesn't get much nicer than Carol Hunter holding Ian Shea.
Linda & Roger McClellan of 4 R Sanity. Mike Dickson & Tim Shea compare notes before the meeting.
New Race Chair Daphne Jackson. Ready to get the meeting under way..
Old Commodore's never die, they just get a little dinghy. Membership Chairman Skipper Wall says we're in good shape.
If Treasurer Harry Farrell says we can afford it, we're all happy. Larry & Roger try to figure out how to give racing prizes.
The Ormand Cup, overall winner, won by Don Schumacher's Blue Streak. Larry holds up a racing prize.
Roger presents gag prize to Jim Robinson. The Buster Hammond Half-Hull Trophy Jim should (did) win for 1st Non-Spinnaker.
Larry & Roger were awarded the John R. (Russ) Schneider Trophy for their services to the Association. Kindred Spirits' Peter Wilhite, Newsletter Editor Barb Henderson & new Cruise Chairman Don Henderson.
A ticket to great door prizes. Door Prize contribution arranger Sandy Van Mell starts to give them away.
Past Commodore and fleet champion Allan Schuman gets a North briefcase. Evelyn Roberts sports a Pineapple Sails shirt.
Daphne Jackson and Mike Dickson of Nimbus present the Samack Cup story. They answer lots of questions and encourage new racers for 2001.
Tim Shea makes sure the digital pictures are safely locked in the little camera! The Smack Cup is in the foreground.

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