November 8, 2003
Fall Meeting
San Francisco Yacht Club

(If you like, you can skip down through the prose and go straight to the pictures below!)

The Cove House overflowed! A record-setting 76 hearty Islanders, representing 38 boats, were counted at one time or another. They filled the room with warmth, happiness and light despite the dark, windy, rainy weather outside. Nothing kept your Association from celebrating a very special 2003 season with good friends, good food, and just a really good time.

Seven intrepid boats made it to the dock in the good weather Friday and early Saturday morning: gold stars go to Commodore Don Henderson (Kindred Spirits), Vice-Commodore (and 2004 Commodore) Harry Farrell (Pacific High), Membership Chairman Skipper Wall (Snowflower), Gary Salvo (Ophira), Smokey Stover (Solace), Treasurer Ron Damsen (Woodbine), and Chris Mellor (Spindrift). They get extra credit for going the extra mile - I think we all would have enjoyed retreating below their decks to listen to the rain patter on the cabin tops while sipping a hot buttered rum!

But inside, the day was warm with friendship and celebration. Shirley Housley of the Embroidery Factory brought a large array of shirts, jackets and sweaters that can all be embroidered with the Islander logo and your boat's name. We particularly appreciated her bringing the goods to us - it sure makes it easier to choose when you can touch and feel the various choices. You can see a small sample of the Islander logo and a link to the Embroidery Factory on our web site at I-36 Flags & Clothing.

While many of the familiar names from past years were present, it is the new members that bring fresh ideas and energy to the Association, so we are particularly happy to welcome them aboard. Commodore Henderson recognized the many new members attending their first Fall Meeting, including Frank Mayo & Susan Brooks (Amante), Steve Peters & Cindy Schultz (Intrepid), Les Raos (Pappillion), Jay, Jeannie & Jon Lund (Solitude), George Swift and Janet MacDuff (Sugartime), and Chris Mellor & Kelly Montana (Spindrift). Spread among the eight big tables, they were quickly wrapped up in the camaraderie of seasoned Islander folks who are always happy to welcome new members to the fleet. We're looking forward to seeing them at races and cruises in 2004.

There were the usual committee reports, but Commodore Don Henderson had warned of using The Hook for anyone who gabbed too long. So the reports were short, sweet and to the point. Skipper Wall noted we were at 192 members - and challenged us to get over 200 next year! Brian Jacobs tried to give his last Secretary's Report but Don cut him off saying we had already seen the minutes in the Newsletter and so Don took some time to thank Brian for his devoted six years as Secretary - warmly applauded by everyone. Treasurer Damsen had already passed out his report on the tables and simply summarized that we had record income in 2003, plus record expenses, but were in fine shape for 2004.

Measurer Paul Tara simply pointed out that we had 15 boats measured for racing and that next year all new boats that wanted to race had to be measured before they showed up at the starting line - but Paul is ready, willing and able to measure everyone in plenty of time for the 2004 season. Rick's Webmaster report was also table-doodle-fodder though he noted that we now have 145 separate pages on our site, with 2,730 pictures - over 1,000 of them were added in 2003 alone! It was really a great year. Barb Henderson thanked all for their input to the Newsletter, and everyone once again gave Barb a big round of thanks for the fine job she does.

All the cruisers got a pair of plastic wine glasses as they checked in, and Cruise Chair Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins passed out the Charles Winton Annual Cruising Award for the first time to Jim (Smokey) & Laurie Stover (Solace) for making all of the cruises. They were granted special dispensation for one where their engine gave out a half mile from the dock and they had to sail all the way back home. 2004 Cruise Chair Dennis Bush had also passed out some draft suggestions and requested everyone to add their votes and suggestions to the schedule. (You can also see the schedule and provide input on our 2004 Tentative Cruise Schedule.)

Racing Captains Mike & Daphne Dickson employed a herd of Sherpas to drag in all of the racing trophies. There was at least one loud clink as a box was dropped, but Mike & Daphne managed to spread the engraved glasses around to many smiling faces among the racers. Jim Robinson returned to his winning ways by hauling off both the Season Championship Buster Hammond Half Hull Trophy, and the new Winton Half Hull Trophy for the Islander 36 Nationals Regatta. Handfulls of engraved glasses and a bunch of flags were passed to the rest of the season and Nationals winners and to those who participated in racing. The standing joke was the the recipients now had to fill them with grand libations for their crews! Jim Robinson quipped that by winning back the Hammond Half Hull he didn't have to repaint the wall where it had been hanging for six years until Zoop took it away last year.

Smokey Stover then took the floor with a new award for those who both raced AND cruised - two recipients were Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins (Mischief) who raced all of the races and were also the Cruise chairs. The second award went to Harry Farrell (Pacific High) who also did most races and cruises.

The annual Schneider Award for service to the Association was presented to Mike & Daphne Dickson for not only serving 3 years as Race Chairs, but for establishing the spring Race Clinics and more than tripling the I-36 race fleet.

The 2004 Officers were nominated and seconded so fast that Commodore Henderson figured he didn't even have to call the vote - but the parliamentarians got their satisfaction when all present chorused "aye". You can see the whole list (and their mug shots) at 2004 Officers.

Appropriate for the rain that had started to fall heavily outside, the meeting wrapped up with our featured Speaker, Dr. Allen Dekelboum, who took us on a picture-perfect underwater tour around the world. Originally a sailor, Allen and his wife Joan took up diving and then powerboating, as far back as 1981. Their travels have taken them up and down the California coast, across the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Indonesia and Australia - to name only a few highlights! Pictures of color and camouflage - helped occasionally by Allen's laser pointer - revealed shrimp nautiluses, nudibranches, eels, poisonus scorpion fish, and even a joyride aboard a whale shark.

Our glorious afternoon of inner warmth came to a close with Sandy Van Mell's orchestration of the fabulous Door Prize extravaganza. Goodies ranged from the simple hats and gloves (much appreciated on this particular cool and rainy day!) to the array of duffel bags from various West Marine stores, Pineapple Sails, Hood Sails, and Svendsen's in particular, a free haul-out bottle of wine from KKMI, a 20% discount on a new sail from North Sails, and topped off with the delicious, mouth-watering baskets of brownies and cookies from our own Ron & Karen Damsen and their Woodbine Bakery (ah yes, their boat is - Woodbine!) A complete list of prizes and donors will appear in the first 2004 Newsletter. Meanwhile, please remember to thank all of our prize donating merchants for their support when you visit their stores and offices. Sandy Van Mell received an award for her wonderful job over the last 6 years obtaining donations from boat vendors for our fall door prizes which members appreciate so much.

It was simply the best Fall Meeting ever. Now let's go have a happy Holiday season and get ready for an even better 2004 when we celebrate the Association's 30th year!

Pictures are compliments of Bill Higdon, Barb Henderson & Rick Van Mell. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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The Loyal 7! Pacific High & Snowflower
Solace & Ophira
Kindred Spirits & Spindrift Woodbine
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Southerly breeze starches flags
Cove House in background
Kathryn Hodgkins & Barb Henderson do Check-in Pat Salvo handles Tags & Tickets Commodore Henderson Toasts the Fleet
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Art Fowler & Bruce Hallberg Bruce Hunter & Speaker Dr. Allen Dekelboum Michell Williams is all smiles Sandy Van Mell sets up Door Prizes
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Smokey & Laurie Stover - Solace Nancy & Skipper Wall - Snowflower Lou & Diane Zevenov - Diana George Swift & Janet McDuff - Sugartime
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Raael Cayer & Michelle Williams Shirley Housley takes orders for her Embroidery Factory Cindy Schultz checks out Embroidery Factory's goodies Robert Aston in the middle of conversations
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Debby Cohen chats with Kelly Montana Dennis Bush, Frank Mayo & Susan Brooks - Amante Robert Aston, Mary Gleim & Julian cohen The packed "front room"!
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2004 Cruise Chair Judy& Dennis Bush - Natural HIgh Frank, Susan, and Brian Jacobs - Blue Moon Steve Peters & Cindy Schultz - Intrepid Bruce & Carol Hunter - Escape
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Mary Gleim & Robert Aston - Pegasus Asst. Cruise Chair Julian & Debby Cohen - Four Cs Treasurer Ron & Karen Damsen - Woodbine Commodore Harry Farrell & Carol Williams - Pacific High
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Bruce & Donna Hallberg - Falcon Daphne & Vice Commodore Mike Dickson - Nimbus Sylvia & Barry Stompe - Tom Cat Speakers Joan & Allen Dekelboum & Commodore Henderson
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Don & Barb Henderson, Walt Levison Secretary Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins & Les Raos Nancy & Al Farnum - Silver Shadown & Don Schumacker - Blue Streak Winton Half Hull for I-36 Nationals
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Winton Cruising Award Trophy goes to Smokey & Laurie Stover Winton Cruising Award Trophy Barry & Sylvia Stompe among racing winners Jim Robinson takes home the Season's Trophy again!
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Mike Presents Jim with Winton Half Hull for I-36 Nationals Schneider Trophy goes to Mike & Daphne Dickson Standing Room Only! Joint Racing/Cruising award to Charles & Kathryn - Mischief
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Racing/Cruising award to Harry Farrell - Pacific HIgh "Door Prizes" Award to Sandy Van Mell for yeoman service! Barry & Sylvia get Woodbine Bakery's basket door prize.
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Cheers for Cruise Award winners Smokey & Laurie Sandy's Award for organizing Door Prizes for 6 years. Bill Higdon (Blockbuster) and Salvos Ian Shea in Door Prize cooler bag
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Robert Aston, Carol William & Jim Robinson Barry Stompe, Bruce & Donna Hallberg Walls and Zevanovs Robert Aston & Mary Gleim depart in rain (Pegasus)
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Commodore Farrell leaves the rain for Ophira's warmth Pat Salvo, Judy Bush & Barbara Cucksey on Ophira Commodore Bush & Pat Salvo Carol Williams & Fred Cucksey like being warm & dry!

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