Fun Race Weekend
Angel Island
April 18-19, 1998
Pat Salvo and Tim Koester took them when we weren't looking. Gary Salvo and Tim got them scanned into JPG format for the web. Tim used a digital Kodak DC210 camera to shoot the pics after the first four. The camera held 10-15 pics, then he downloaded them to his laptop on board and kept on shooting. You can sit back and enjoy them. Even download them with a right mouse click and blow them up to full screen on your machine if you like.

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The City by the Bay Rick, Meryl, Tim, Denis, Judy, Matt, Gary, Pat, Kay, Harry, Chuck, Sue
Ayala Cove, Angel Island The Fleet Gathers
Permission to tie alongside The Fleet's In
Ed Henry Harry Farrell
Rick Van Mell Gary Salvo
Tim and Meryl Harry & Kay
Wanna Buy an Outboard? Ready to Race (or party)

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