GPS Nav Station Mounting Shelf

Here's a way to mount your laptop on the navigation station without drilling any holes. While only secured on one end, the tray is actually quite secure. I believe the pictures are pretty self explanatory, but if you need more detail let me know.

This prototype isn't exactly a work of art as it is made of scraps found around the garage. The base is 3/16" hardboard with 1x2" wood blocks mounted with countersunk screws. Use the laptop as a pattern, to position blocks as close to laptop as possible. (don't block any drive or port access you may want to use!)

The "clamp" is made of aluminum sheet, it must be thin enough to fit between the desk lid and frame. The best way to get a tight fit is to pre-drill holes in the metal then hold the clamp in position where you want to mount it, slide the laptop tray up to it so you can drill the existing holes into the wood block. When you assemble the two pieces you will have a minimal gap between the tray and the nav station lid. The block to which the "clamp" is attached is secured with four screws while the others only need two.

The blue material on the bottom of the tray is non-skid shelf liner material.

Seasons Greetings! (December 2003)

Jim Joubert
Mon Ami

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