August 18 - 19, 2001
Marin Yacht Club Rendezvous
Nine boats gathered at the east end of Racoon Straits at 1130 for the dash to Marin. A full 4.7 knot flood tide made short work of the 7 mile trip, even avoiding a tug and barge that steamed up-tide through the fleet just as it was passing the San Rafael bridge. Some boats, like Bill Higdon's Blockbuster who led the fleet, had all sails flying on the dead downwind run, going wing and wing much of the way. Some flew just a headsail with a little cast iron help. And then there were those who just plain motored. We all still got there like ducks in a row.

We slid into open slips vacated by boats on a Marin YC cruise and the dredging that was in progress - but thankfully not while we were there. Arrival had been so early that there was time for relaxation before Happy Hour and dinner. Tim Koester used his dinghy to run up San Rafael creek to Trader Joe's to get dogfood for Winnie so she wouldn't consume his dinner instead. The Getaway crew, Mike & Leslie Bennett hiked there by the shore route with guests David & Julie Burns.

Cruise hosts, Nancy & Skipper Wall collected funds, set up the patio and started the grill - what great hosts they were. Then we all brought our goodies to the table and swapped stories. Commodore Salvo appeared on the scene after his race aboard Pacific HIgh to report that the whole fleet had gone around the wrong mark - Monkey See, Monkey Do, I guess!!!

As always the barbecue was great and the food delicious and plentiful. With lots of sunshine all day, many turned in early, while a few gathered on Kindred Sprits to watch the video of the Sydney Hobart Race Peter Wilhite had taped from PBS.

Photos by Rick Van Mell, new members Ron & Karen Damsen, and Bill Higdon. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.
This crew didn't make the rendezvous, but they were having fun on the Bay. Blockbuster and Kindred Spirits lead the way.
Snowflower, Windward and Getaway in the next group. Woodbine and Natural High.
Snowflower chasing Windward. Bruce & Carol Hunter's Escape travels in style with shaded cockpit and dinghy on davits.
Snowflower enjoys her ride. So do Mike & Leslie Bennett on Getaway.
Vanishing Animal won't catch Bill Higdon's Blockbuster. Vice Commodore Dennis & Judy Bush's Natural High from Woodbine's porthole.
New Members Ron & Karen Damsen's Woodbine. Karen, the best attraction aboard, enjoys a little afternoon reading.
The Koester Crew, Avery, (Winnie), Paul & Tim. Rick Van Mell re-reads his GPS instructions!.
Kindred Spirit has the closest berth. All nine boats are scattered in the slips - how many flags can you count?
Looking back on San Pablo Bay from Marin YC in late afternoon. The San Rafael Bridge glowing.
Commodore Gary Salvo tells us how all but one I-36 went to the wrong mark in today's race. Nancy Wall, Judy Bush, Pat Salvo & Tim Koester listen.
Barbara Henderson, Dennis Bush & Bill & Jim Higdon think it's a laugh. Sandy Van Mell heads straight for the wine.
Paul Koester and Ron Damsen. Leslie Bennett, Barb Henderson and Julie Burns know all the answers.
Skipper Wall steps behind the grate. Preparing the bed for charcoal.
Think you've got enough starter fluid?! Sandy doesn't like fire - right Paul?
New member Karen Damsen of Woodbine shows Skipper how she does steaks. Pat Salvo listens to Peter Wilhite at the end of the grill.
The Getaway crew, Mike & Leslie Bennett and David & Julie Burns. Tim & brother Paul Koester and Ron & Karen Damsen.
Teak (from Vanishing Animal) and Matt Bush visit the Bennett table. When Avery Koester joins and asks Mike about Worm Holes, he can't even finish his dinner!.
Rick Van Mell and Carol & Bruce Hunter chow down. The Wise Old Owls - Gary, Skipper & Peter have all the answers.
Great table of goodies - particularly the brownies!!! Rick still taking pictures.
Commodore Salvo's real master - Cathy. Karen brings Teak and Tim Koester's Winnie to attention for a treat.
The end of a great day.

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