September 20/21, 2003
Marin Yacht Club Rendezvous

(If you like, you can skip down through the prose and go straight to the pictures below!)

Two of the group, Escape and Snowflower, left their slips on Friday in very flat Bay waters. No wind, so we motored all the way in weather that was sunny and warm. Snowflower arrived at 1230 and Escape arrived about 30 minutes later. Since it was high tide there was no problem getting into the Marin YC harbor. The harbormaster was a little late in meeting us, but shortly came down and gave us two slips side by side.

Carol & Bruce lazed and read away the afternoon; Nancy & I did teak work then lazed away. This attitude lasted until 1700 when we took up residence on Escape for cocktails, wine and popcorn. At 1845 we adjourned to the lovely Marin Yacht Clubhouse for drinks, and watching the Oracle/Alinghi races held that afternoon. Then we went downstairs to the dining room for excellent salmon and pork loin dinners. Finally, back to the boats for a very peaceful night's sleep.

Saturday morning dawned very bright and the harbor was mirror flat. Again, no breeze at all. Blockbuster was the first to arrive about 1130. All those coming arrived at about 1300 except Solace who contacted us and learned that they had to turn back because their transmission went out. They had to sail home to Alameda. Boats finally in the harbor: Natural High, Freedom Won, Blockbuster, Diana, Mai pen Rai, & Kindred Spirits.

We were unable to use the clubhouse patio & BBQ, but the Swim & Tennis Facility were open for us at 1700. The upstairs has a big screen TV where we once more watched Oracle/Alinghi race. We cooked on a BBQ and set up the potluck on the ping pong table. Matt Bush didn't like that we covered the table for food!! Although Matt did go swimming. Tennis was also available as was the hot tub!

Don Schumacher (Blue Streak) drove in for dinner. The S&T Facility were much better than we expected. The harbormaster, Wyn, was most helpful and accommodating. The fellowship and friendship was delightful as is usual at our I36 cruises. Sunday morning dawned just like Saturday. Bright, sunny and no wind. The harbor was again mirror flat. Everybody was gone for their home ports by 1215 except Snowflower & Freedom Won who decided to stay one more nite. Harry Farrell & Carol Williams came by and gave us the news that Oracle had "won it all" Six months to late one could say!!!

Sunday nite dinner was at the MYC. They had a good buffet. Monday morning was like the first two. Freedom Won left first for Benicia but ran into some hard stuff on the way out of the harbor. Snowflower pulled her off on our way out. Then Snowflower motored back to Pier 39 and Freedom Won turned NE for Benicia.

We must say, Those who were absent that normally make the cruises missed a very nice weekend and good time. We missed you all.

Nancy & Skipper Wall

Thses pictures are contributed by Bill Higdon. Enjoy!

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118-1832_IMG Mirror smooth mornings!
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