August 15 - 16, 1998
Marin Yacht Club
Tim Koester once again did the honors with his trusty digital Kodak. This time he got us on the water, at the dock, and eatin', drinkin' and singin'.

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Wandering Star Starts Out Blue Moon (Freeport)
Vanishing Animal Abeam Vanishing Animal Vanishes!
Under San Rafael Bridge Pacific High Catches Tim
Wandering Star Solace
Brian Jacobs Peter Wilhite
"Smokey" Jim Stover Marin Yacht Club, Barbecue Pit Left End
Harry & Kay Farrell Brian & Fran Jacobs
Jim & Laurie Stover Harry, Art & Betsy Fowler
Meryl & Betsy Sandi Parshall, Meryl & Sandy Van Mell
30 lbs of Charcoal At Work Tim & Meryl Koester
Harry & Kay Stratagise!
Brian supervises!
Rick & Art discuss cooking times
Rick tunes up for our songfest Laurie finds a way to sing with warmth!

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