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Dear fellow 36'ers-

I completely stripped and disassembled the mast this last weekend (quite a chore) and was wondering if others have replaced the sheaves (AKA "Roller things") that formerly accommodated old wire halyards to now accommodate the new larger/wider polyester rope.

It looks like the old sheaves would "work" in a pinch but I have to believe that larger channel sheaves would work better. If so, where can they be purchased?

Thanks for the ongoing help and advise!

77 3I6 "Mariah"
in refit, Chanhassen, MN


I just recently changed from wire-rope to all rope halyards. The work was done at Svendsen's Boat Works in Alameda, CA.

The part # on the invoice is : SHV3001616A

Description: AL Sheave 3" X 1/2" X 1/2" $48.00 each

If you can't find them with this description at a local chandlery or rigger, I'm sure Svendsen's would ship to you. They had them in stock. Their phone # (510) 521-8454

They have been a long time supporter of the Islander 36 Association.

Good luck,

Ron Damsen


I replaced all mine, as well as most other sheaves, deck organizers, etc., with Garhauer equipment (standard on Catalinas). Purchase online at or get a discount this weekend at the Long Beach Boat Show.

Bill Mottinger on the Two-Can


I replaced my old wire sheaves with new wire sheaves 3 years ago and Iím ok with them. The halyards are wire/rope and they work fine.

To answer your question, try


Joseph Krensavage

Islander 36 Race Fleet Captain

Mustang, 1975 Islander 36

San Francisco



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