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PHRF Measurements Form

Since 2014 our motto has been "Safe, Fun, & as Fair As Possible." As we have noted in several places, the boats in our 40 year old Islander fleet have undergone many modifications over the years so we are not (and never really were) a strictly One Design fleet. To the extent we can identify factors that make some boats potentially faster or slower than others, we can seek expert help in adjusting a racer's rating to reflect the differences in the boats -- in effect, to make the rating "as fair as possible."

Our goal is to collect data from as many of the I-36s that we can, and this form is an easy way to collect current data. You might be surprised to learn that there were over 40 I-36s that participated in one or more racing activities! We will try to follow up with phone calls to try to reach those that haven't filled in the form.

Thanks for your cooperation and input!

Here's a link to the results we have gathered so far:

Rick Van Mell 2104 Commodore

Islander Association PHRF Measurements Survey

Skipper Name:
Email Address:
Boat Name:    

Standard Furniture & Fixtures Section
Do you have a:

Stove: Yes No
Folding table below: Yes No
Headliner: Yes No
Fixed Head: Yes No
Mattresses on the bunks: Yes No
Anchor with at least 10' of chain: Yes No
First-Aid Kit: Yes No
Emergency steering tiller: Yes No
Dodger: No Yes Yes, but I remove it for racing

Engine Section
Make/Model:   Horsepower:
Propeller has how many blades:
Propeller type: Fixed Folding Feathering

Mast & Rig Section
Height of mast: Standard 45' "I" dimension Tall Rig Tall Rig I dimension, if known: Other or don't know
Shape of mast: Standard I-36 continuous shape Tapered at top Different cross section or weight from standard Other or don't know
Mast material: Aluminum Carbon Other
Number of sets of spreaders: 2 1
Black bands on mast and boom: Yes No Don't know
Adjustable backstay?: Yes No

Sails Section
Largest jib is: % (typically 150% or 135%, but could be different)
Have a 135% (or smaller) jib for racing when the limit is 135%: Yes No
Jib material: Dacron or similar Dacron/Mylar or similar laminate Kevlar or similar
Have a roller furling jib: Yes Yes, but I take the drum off to race No
Have a spinnaker: Yes No
Have a spinnaker pole that is 15' or less: Yes No

Racing plans: Yes, I plan to race Maybe No

Other Comments about ratings or racing:

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