July 31, 1999
Marina Village Rendezvous
Picture honors go mostly to Bill Higdon and Tim Shea.

What started out as a small rendezvous grew as the day wore on to encompass a final count of 9 boats represented. Five sailed in, three were berthed at Marina Village, and Bruce & Carol Hunter of Escape drove over. It was a wonderful, mild day, capped with a typical cool evening. Then the (in)famous men vs. women Uno game to finish it off. Even though the men outnumbered the women 5 to 3, the women once again came from behind to win hands down!

In addition to those identified below, Kathy Munn of Mishchief was there. Now sit back and enjoy the pics. Even download them with a right mouse click and blow them up to full screen on your machine if you like.

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Pacific High leads Ophira and Blockbuster up the Alameda The fleet at the guest dock.
Lean Times faces Blockbuster and Vanishing Animal Pacific High outside Ophira
Betsy Fowler & Harry Farrell kick off cocktail hour. Betsy compares cold thoughts with Jack Thompson.
Cruise Chairman Tim Shea reaches for the warming grape. Art Fowler is practically in foulies. (Rememer, it's July 31st in San Francisco!)
La Vaughn Furguson of Wandering Star shares a warming smile. Jack Furguson comes on deck to check out the fun.
Gary & Pat Salvo relax at dinner down below on Ophira. Jack & La Vaughn Furguson & Rick Van Mell across the table from Gary & Pat.
Everyone cleaned their plate! Jack Thompson & photographer Bill Higdon.
Harry Farrell listens to Carol Hunter's wisdom. Carol has a great story to tell.
Bruce Hunter, Kay & Harry ponder Carol's wisdom. Teak has heard these stories many times before!
Kay & Betsy feed Mom & 8 baby ducks. A blazing sunset for a wonderful day!

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