Islander 36 Association

I-36 Nationals Regatta
Hosted at Golden Gate Yacht Club
Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Fleet Captain Eric Mueller's Call To Arms!

Our Nationals Regatta is coming up on October 14th. We would like to encourage everyone to come out and join the fleet for a really fun racing event to wrap up the season.

Here's a chance for all of you who haven't raced this year to get in one last day of racing against the best in our fleet. This year we'll have the party all to ourselves at the fun and fabulous Golden Gate Yacht Club. Here's your chance to show that - even though you've missed racing all summer - you can sail as fast as anybody out there.

Who knows, maybe legends of the past might race - or come to share their wisdom! We've had a number of boats sold recently, so maybe the past owners will come to cheers and new owners will bring their new rides! Add all of them to this year's active racers and we'd have a great fleet of Islanders on the line. If your haven't raced, you stand the best chance of all to really come out and surprise everyone. EVERY Islander 36 is invited. Now THAT would be a really special Nationals Regatta!!

And the cruisers get some choices too. First, if you'd like to crew on a boat during the Nationals, select the radio button below and add a short comment about your interest. Our fleet Captain will circulate the names of crew volunteers among the skippers and you might find yourself aboard a race boat. What a great way to learn about racing!

Second, you can come out on your own boat to cheer the racers on and bring along families and friends to watch the fun. You can come by car and watch from GGYC, or come for the party. If you're willing, you can check the option to take some spectators along (if there are any.) In any case, just come! Everyone is invited to join in the Nibbles & Celebration at Golden Gate after the finish. A no host bar and buffet ($13.00 per person) will be available. A minimum of 24 reservations is required for the regatta, so get your reservations in quickly. Additional participants obviously welcomed and encouraged!

So mark that calendar and make it a date - October 14th, the Nationals Regatta at Golden Gate YC.

Here are the details:

Our Race Committee is headed by Gary & Pat Salvo and Dennis Bush.

There will be at least two races on Saturday, with a third if there is a tie after two races. Check in upon arrival in the starting area via Channel 71 The first race Warning Signal will be at 1130.

To encourage more participation, we're going non-spinnaker this year, and we will give some rating credits to encourage participation as follows:

Rating adjustments:
Fixed 2 blade prop = +10 sec/mi
Fixed 3 blade prop = +15 sec/mi
Largest headsail 115% or smaller = +6 sec/mi
Largest headsail 136% or higher = -6 sec/mi
Tall rigs = -6 sec/mi
Non-Spinnaker - no adjustment
Roller furling - no adjustment
Boat weight - no allowance for weight differences

Though there is no Entry Fee, a minimum of 5-6 boat entries are required, and to support the Nibbles & Celebration immediately following the race, GGYC requires a minimum of 24 reservations (at $13 per person.) Here's where you can swap stories of why you should have won, congratulate the winners and cheer during the Awards Presentation.

Here are the Notice of Race , and Sailing Instructions

All participants need to fill out the I-36 form below. This is important for the Race Committee and for food planning.

Docking: We should be able to raft or temporarily tie up all participants for the Nibbles & Celebration party. Overnight docking at GGYC is new and improved, therefore it will be first come, first served for any who wish to stay at GGYC Friday night before the race or Saturday night after the race.

For additional detail or questions, contact Fleet Captain Eric Mueller.

October 14, 2017 I-36 Nationals Entry Form
Racers MUST fill out and send in this Entry Form.

Owner Name:     Cell Phone:
Email Address:

Boat Name:         Sail Number:

Participation Level:
I want to race!
I'll come as a cruiser - willing to take spectators.
I may cruise over.
I'll come by car for the Saturday party!
I'd like to come and crew on a racing boat!!! (enter details in Comments below).
I'd like to come as a spectator and watch, or assist as needed. (enter details in Comments below).

Prop: Fixed ,     Folding ,      Feathering.     # of Blades:
Largest Headsail on Board (%):
Rig: Standard ,     Tall.

GGYC Dock Space For: Friday   Saturday

Attending the Nibbles & Celebration Party at GGYC?     Total Reservations for you, crew and others:     
(If you're not sure of the count, put in your best guess and update it later.)

Other Comments: