September 4, 1999
Petaluma Marina Rendezvous
With an early morning start, powering when there was no wind, the fleet safely found the channel and navigated the 17 miles of the Petaluma River. Eleven boats were represented in the raft up, each in their own slip.

Tim & Rhonda set the theme as "the 70's", and Carol Hunter volunteered to cook the entire dinner, 70's style, for the fleet. Cocktail hour started with cheese fondue (washed down with a little wine, of course). The main meal was Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, with 3-Bean salad, strawberry Jello with bananas, rolls, and your choice of butter or Parkay! Fudge brownies for desert finished us all off. As the cool and dusk of the earlier evening descended, we huddled below on Raspberry Tart, Solace, and Kindred Spirit to keep warm and enjoy some hot coffee.

Primary photo credits to Tim Shea and Bill Higdon. Check out the fun below.

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I-36 Ophira Coming out of the fog, Bay Bridge astern. Gary & Pat Salvo have Ophira driving.
The fleet ahead of Blockbuster. Threading the marshes of the Petaluma River.
I-36 Burgees flying proud. Snowflower & Ophira
Blockbuster nestled in with sun shade set. Blockbuster's skipper & photographer Bill Higdon.
Sandy Thompson relaxing on Blockbuster. Dennis & Matthew Bush project on the dock.
It's cocktail hour. Note Skipper Wall in the background. Everyone gathers to share stories.
Carol Hunter & Harry Farrell kick off cocktail hour. Rick & Sandy Van Mell remind Teak of her manners.
Carol & Bruce Hunter climb aboard Solace for a beverage. Bruce Hunter offers Cheers & thanks we stayed off the name on the glass!
Story telling around the table. Good eats on the table.
70's Fondue - Rhonda stirs the pot. Cool bird in shades!
Dressed for the occasion - Tim & Rhonda Shea; Jim & Laurie Stover. Carol Hunter joins up in patched jeans and great beaded necklace.
They check out Tim's polyester pants. Tim & Rhonda - the Cool Couple.
Jim Stover looking mighty fine. Laurie drinks in Jim's good looks.
Jim & Laurie aboard Solace. Jim in his real outfit - Fremont Police!
Peter Wilhite says, "Come on, let's eat." Eating and flashing the Peace sign!
Teak is looking for a duck dinner. The ducks say, "Not this time!"

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