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Hi Gary, Thanks for your help re keel bolt torque, I've had a number of replies.

We sail our I 36 (1974 sail # 208) out of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. (Just west of Toronto)

We have owned the I 36 (Flying Circus) since 1995, after buying it in a very run down condition. We have done many upgrade/repair projects, mainly ourselves, occasionally with professional assistance. Up to know we have completed the following:

Replaced Palmer P 60 with Volvo-Penta MD2030 (same output as Yanmar3GM30)

Replaced rotted cabin sole supports (floors is the proper name?) and mast step. This was a BIG job which required cutting out fiberglass cabin sole, cutting out half of head in order to get to mast step. At the same time, because I had a clear bilge area, I replaced the keel bolts.

Completely redesigned and built the galley and main companion way steps, similar to a Mark 2 I36. Removed water tank from under port settee and converted it to large battery boxes (2 x 4D batteries) with storage also. Added extra water tanks between vee berth drawers and front water tank bulkhead.

Epoxied bottom and keel.(cast iron)

New cabin ceiling (insulated)

Replaced all ports, large and small. The large ports with custom made fixed units, the small ones with Lewmar opening ports.

Presently building a bridge deck that will also provide storage for propane bottles. At the same time redesigned the drop boards to eliminate the small top board that is only held in place by the padlock. (Also a toe smasher if not careful.)

Presently completely rewiring boat.

Plus many other smaller projects.

As you can see, I've gained an intimate knowledge of the I36 construction during all this work, and if you think it useful I would be happy to pass it on. What is the best way to do this?

Our plans are eventually to go long distance cruising, but we do the occasional racing.





We would love to gain access to your expertise. You see what we offer on the internet but we also have our e-mail list and our newsletters. You can download the newsletter from the web site but as a member you would get a hard copy. Soooooo, here comes the sales pitch. If you are not already a member of the Islander36 Association why not join now. We would be able to give you support for some of your projects and you could help some of our members. We also have I36 pennants and burgees to fly from your spreaders or masthead.

The best way to present your projects (especially if you have pictures in .jpg form) is to contact our newsletter editor, Barbara Henderson. Iím sure she could print most anything you sent as an article. We also post maintenance issues on the website.




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