Crew Discussion & Training Quiz # 1

This discussion/quiz was used to educate the regular Vanishing Animal crew through many successful seasons. Other boats may sail differently than we do, and their answers may be different from ours, but our way worked for many years. The value in these questions is the discussions they provoke - and the team they build. We suggest each individual crew member circle True or False, then have a discussion on who had which answers.

T   F  1.  Always put half hitches on halyard cleats.

T   F  2.  Coil sheets after every tack.

T   F  3.  Put figure 8 stopper; knots in the ends of genoa and spinnaker sheets.

T.   F.  4.  The position of the spinnaker sheet block is not very important.

T   F  5.  A reaching strut is used on a spinnaker reach.

T   F  6.  Easing the main outhaul when off the wind is not important on VA.

T   F  7.  On a course race, it is not important to record the log reading and time when rounding a mark.

T   F  8. A clean boat bottom can mean the difference between winning and losing on a light air day.

T   F  9. To avoid stress on the water system, let water run while washing hands, etc.

T   F  10. A lookout is not required when you're on starboard tack.

T   F  11. Conversation not pertaining to the race should be reserved for when you are sitting on the weather rail

T   F  12. It is very Important to wind the main halyard evenly on its drum.

T   F  13. Jenny sheets are tied to the clew of the sail because the skippercannot afford to buy large shackles.

T   F  14. A place for everything, and everything in its place," should be takenliterally at all times.

T   F  15. An override on a winch is a common problem but is not very serious.

T   F  16. It is a good policy to use the lifelines to support you when workingon deck.

T   F  17.  On a night race, crew should rotate positions at least once each hour.

T   F  18.  Winch handles should be left in all winches ready for instant use.

T   F  19.  Looking for marks, calling compass bearings, noting weather reports and course positions is solely the job of the navigator & skipper.

T   F  20.  The crew’s weight distribution is not important on a boat the size of Vanishing Animal.

T   F  21.  The person operating the pole lift on a spinnaker gybe is not very important in relation to the whole maneuver.

T   F  22. We start out to try to win every race, and occasionally need to remind ourselves that it’s supposed to be fun too.

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