Crew Discussion & Training Quiz # 3

This discussion/quiz was used to educate the regular Vanishing Animal crew through many successful seasons. Other boats may sail differently than we do, and their answers may be different from ours, but our way worked for many years. The value in these questions is the discussions they provoke - and the team they build. We suggest each individual crew member circle/rank their answers, then have a discussion on who had which answers.

1.  Number from 1 to 5 the steps to set the spinnaker:

(    )  hoist pole
(    )  insert afterguy in jaws
(    )  attach pole lift
(    )  attach pole to spar
(    )  free sheets and guys

2.  The pole should be set:

a.  over the genoa sheets
b.  under the genoa sheets
c.  it doesn't matter

3.  The spinnaker should initially be packed:

a.  during the weather leg
b.  just before the mark so it won't foul
c.  before the start
d.  it was packed after the last time it was used
e.  during the week

4.  The spinnaker should be hoisted:

a.  slowly so that it won't foul
b.  about 2 boat lengths before the mark
c.  when the foredeck crew signals that they are ready
d.  it was packed after the last time it was used
e.  like hell when the skipper yells "hoist"
f.  as soon as you are well clear of the mark

5.  To properly fill the spinnaker

a.  the foredeck person should guide the weather luff by hand
b.  the sheet should be trimmed hard while it is being hoisted
c.  the pole should be pulled perpendicular to the boat with the afterguy
d.  the foreguy should be pulled tight and cleated during and after hoisting
e.  all of the above.

6.  The spinnaker pole should be

a.  set perpendicular to the apparent wind
b.  set so that it does not touch the headstay
c.  at different heights for different winds
d.  held in one position by a very tight foreguy and afterguy
e.  all of the above.

7.  A properly set spinnaker should

a.  not have a tendency to curl in at the luff
b.  have the weather clew higher than the leeward clew
c.  have a 1 to 2 foot curl along the weather luff
d.  have its sheet led directly to a block at the stern
e.  be tightly trimmed to keep it from collapsing

8.  If the spinnaker breaks first near the top, the

a.  pole is too high
b.  pole is too low
c.  sheet is too tight
d.  sheet is too loose
e.  none of the above

9.  On a spinnaker gybe

a.  the pole should be squared
b.  the pole should be lowered
C.  the foreguy should be eased
d.  the cockpit crew is very critical
e.  all of the above

10.  The spinnaker is usually taken down

a.  to leeward
b.  only by the foredeck crew
c.  only by the cockpit crew
d.  before the jib is hoisted
e.  over the main boom

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