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Sail Trim Clinic
Saturday, March28, 2015
Island Yacht Club

Getting a little rough around the edges? Need a trim? Want to make your boat go a little faster?

Race Chair Kit Wiegman is organizing a Sail Trim/Race clinic for Saturday, March 28th at Island Yacht Club in the Estuary. Kit has lined up sailmaker Kame Richards as our guest speaker. Kame will talk about the right way to set your boat up for different conditions and points of sail. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what the fastest racers know and how you can learn to go fast too. Cruisers benefit from learning how to handle their boats safer and better, or might just want to get their feet wet by crewing for someone or even racing their own boat. It's also a great time to ask Kame about different sizes of sails for your kind of sailing.

Here's the general schedule:

0930 Sign In (You can come Friday evening if you'd like. And, you can have your crew meet you at IYC if that works in your plans.)
1000 Shore talk begins, including Kame Richards
1200 Lunch break (We'll have a make-your-own sandwich with sides buffet.)
1300 On The Water time to practice what you've learned.
1600 Return to the docks to celebrate the day, toast each other with a beverage, and disembark your crew if desired.

Participation fee, including lunch, is $15 per person.

So indicate your level of interest below and specifically add what you are interested in learning about.

Welcome aboard for a great 2015 season with the most vital "grand old fleet" on the Bay!

For additional details or questions, contact Kit Wiegman:

March 28, 2015 Sail Trim/Race Clinic Reservation Form

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