Islander 36 Association
2017 Race Results

3 BridgeVallejo - SpinVallejo - N-SpinVallejo RtnYRA #1YRA #2YRA #3CP Dest. Ch.Closer # 1Closer # 2SubThrow-Throw-TotalsPlace
Sail #Boat NameSkipper1/28/175/6/175/6/175/7/175/20/176/24/177/22/178/5/179/30/1710/1/17Totalout # 1out # 2
57307WINDWALKERRichard Shoenhair / Tom Shoenhair311441
484ZINGARASteve And Jocelyn Swanson 51662
472ZENITHBill Nork / Peter Nork16773
234RENAISSANCE OF TAHOEStephen Douglass / Ralph Woodard43774
82659SERENITYEric Mueller / Roger Anderson622885
6763CASSIOPEIAKit Wiegman / Mara Gutmann26886
438KAPAIRichard Egan / Trevor Egan7613137

Note: 5/7 - Vallejo Return Race and 10/1 - Season Closer are not included in Season's Championship scoring.

Islander 36 Sailing Instructions

For the Islander Fleet, the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing will be used, but modified as noted below. The 2017 season will consist of 10 races.
Three race days, YRA #1, #2, and #3 are two races each day.
8 of the 10 races will be raced as non-spinnaker with 135% jibs as standard.
But, to incourage spinnaker racing, two races, to Vallejo 5/6, and Season Closer 9/30, will be Spinnaker Choice and will be scored separately for those that use spinnakers and those that race non-spinnaker. That means for those two races, there can be two boats that are scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. for the Season's Championship. The Ormand Cup will be awarded to the boat with the highest Season Standing that flew a spinnaker. If that boat happens to also be 1st in the Season championship standings, the Buster Hammond Trophy for the Non-Spinnaker championship will go to the highest scored boat that did not fly a spinnaker. After the Vallejo Race, Windwalker is in 1st for the Ormand Cup, and Zingara is 1st for the Buster Hammond Trophy.

The standard I-36 PHRF rating of 144 will be the base rating. Ratings will be adjusted as follows, based on the data for that boat on the I-36 web page I-36 PHRF Measurements Input. If your boat is not listed, or the data needs to be updated, email Measurer Kit Wiegman.

Rating adjustments:
Fixed 2 blade prop = +10 sec/mi
Fixed 3 blade prop = +15 sec/mi
Largest headsail 115% or smaller = +6 sec/mi
Largest headsail 140% or higher = -6 sec/mi
Tall rigs = -6 sec/mi
Non-Spinnaker - no adjustment
Roller furling - no adjustment
Boat weight - no allowance for weight differences

We are using a modified low point system to encourage more people to join us with one point for first two for second, on down the line. Did Not Finish (DNF) is equal to number of starters for the race plus one. Did Not Compete (DNC) is equal to number of boats entered plus two.

Each participant is allowed three throw outs for the season. For scoring purposes, the first throwout will be counted after 5 races, the seocnd after 7, and the third after 9.

Individual Race Results

3 Bridge Fiasco
Start: 01/28/17 at 09:00:00Fleet:
Course: 1   Distance: 21.67Started:
Sail #Boat NameSkipperPoints
472ZENITHBill Nork / Peter Nork16:29:561
6763CASSIOPEIAKit Wiegman / Mara Gutmann16:31:092
57307WINDWALKERRichard Shoenhair / Tom Shoenhair16:32:183
234RENAISSANCE OF TAHOEStephen Douglass / Ralph Woodard16:35:504
484ZINGARASteve And Jocelyn Swanson / Jocelyn Reed Swanson16:39:135
82659SERENITYEric Mueller / Roger Anderson16:45:486
438KAPAIRichard Egan / Trevor Egan16:58:037
420LUNA SEADan Knox / Alex HofsteedeDNF9

Vallejo - Up - Spinnaker
Start: 05/06/17 at 11:55:00Fleet:
Course: 1   Distance: Started:
Sail #Boat NameSkipperPoints
57307WINDWALKERRichard Shoenhair16:44:561
82659SERENITYEric Mueller16:49:512
234RENAISSANCE OF TAHOEStephen Douglass17:12:403
438KAPAIRichard EganDNC6

Vallejo - Up - Non-Spinnaker
Start: 05/06/17 at 11:55:00Fleet:
Course: 1   Distance: Started:
Sail #Boat NameSkipperPoints
484ZINGARASteve And Jocelyn Swanson18:24:421

Vallejo - Back
Start: 05/07/17 at 11:30:00Fleet:
Course: ---    Distance: ----Started:
Sail #Boat NameSkipperPoints
57307WINDWALKERRichard Shoenhair0.6574537037037041
82659SERENITYEric Mueller0.6734606481481482
438KAPAIRichard EganDNC5