August 21, 1999
Richmond Yacht Club Rendezvous
One of those nice, warm days of fall arrived a little early for the Richmond Rendezvous. There was a little wind in front of the Gate, so the short ride from almost anywhere to Richmond had the fleet in and tied up by early afternoon. "Med Moored" stern first to the guest dock was the easiest way to get lots of boats in. Shade beneath the roof overhangs on the RYC deck was most welcome. Sitting there watching San Francisco shimmer across the Bay was delightful, particularly with a tall cool Margarita for the Mexican theme.

Cooking was easy on the grill, and tables inside made serving and eating most enjoyable. Tim & Rhonda, and Jim & Laurie had large Mexican hats which got passed around as the evening wore on. Betsy Fowler snapped pictures for posterity (and we got one of her with the hat). Then on to the famous Uno game. It was high spirited - Earl & Evelyn Roberts played with the I-36 bunch for the first time, and quickly learned this was not your casual card game. Voices were raised, rules were read and debated, names were politely drenched with scarcasm when calling "Draw Four", Rhonda finessed the "Uno" call twice, and, despite starting off with two winning hands and being just 20 points from a men's victory, the women once again stormed back to win the game.

Primary photo credits go to Bill Higdon and Tim Shea. Check out the fun below.

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Tied up to the guest dock Med style. A model power yacht!
Bruce Hunter, and Earl & Evelyn Roberts enjoy the view. Tim Shea carries the Mexican theme around the deck with Shirley Bromley & Carol Hunter.
Tim talks it up with Don Bromley. Why do Ed Henry, Art Fowler & Jack Thompson let a lady stand?
Jim Stover and Laurie carry Mexico to the table. Freeport owners Don & Shirley Bromley enjoy dinner.
Sandy Van Mell & Tim Shea hold down their side. Rick Van Mell & Rhonda Shea hold the other.
The boys: Ace Lehman, Bill Higdon, & Jack Thompson. Betsy brought the Mexican brownies - need we say more?

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