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'Round Alameda Parade
Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Day brings the 'Round Alameda Parade day with visits to the yacht clubs of Alameda. This is a fun day on the water if the weather is good (really is a "fair weather" event!) There is something special about our ability to get out on the water on the first day of a new year - something many of our members are envious of!

This year the tide is very high, 7.1 feet, at 10:00 am, then it will drop sharply to a -1.56 feet at 1700. Thus to make it around safely, we would have to arrive at Aeolian Yacht Club shortly after 1000, eat and enjoy quickly, then depart under the Bay Farm Bridge by 1100 to get over the shallows into San Francisco Bay. A stop at Ballena Bay, if at all, would have to be short, as tide height drops to only 2.7 feet by 1330, and a minus datum by 1500.

For those that would like to know more, here are some basics. Alameda, CA is actually an island, just west of Oakland, separated by the Oakland Estuary. While the Estuary, particularly at its entrance, is wide and deep enough for 1000' container ships, when it narrows at its eastern end where three bridges connect it to Oakland, it's quite narrow and getting shallow fast. At the southeastern end, at San Leandro Bay, it is connected to Bay Farm Island - where Oakland Airport is located - by a 4th bridge. Going west from there into San Francisco Bay, there is an unmarked tidal slough that has 6-8 feet of water in a very narrow band and then a stretch of 2-4' of water to cross into the Bay itself. It's about 15.5 miles around the Island. Here's what it looks like on the chart:

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Alameda - Overview
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Alameda - Bay Farm
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Alameda -Little channel

Here is a link toAeolian's navigation page with a dramatic picture of the "channel" at low tide:

We will update Yacht Club offerings in late December, but typically it has been:

Aeolian YC - chili & corn bread, Bloody Marys and Gin Fizzes.
Alameda YC -
Ballena Bay YC - Popular annual events include New Year's Day "Around the Island," usually some BBQ.
Encinal YC - Clam chowder offered.
Island YC - (nothing posted.)
Oakland YC - It's on their calendar.

To join the fun, assemble at Encinal YC, or just out in the Estuary off Encinal at 0930 hours. You can use the form below as "sign up" sheet for members who would like to bring their own boat or might rather bring family & friends to ride along with other Islanders.

We typically stand watch on channel 72 to stay in touch. This is great fun if the weather cooperates (or stay home, play Groundhog, and watch football if it's bad!)

Finally, if there is any interest, we could even have a casual raft-up/ potluck for New Year's Eve at Encinal. That option is included below too.

Welcome aboard for a great 2018 season with the most vital "grand old fleet" on the Bay! (Here's a link to last year's fun: 'Round Alameda 2017.)

For additional details or questions, contact Rick Van Mell.

'Round Alameda 1/1/2018 Sign Up Form


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