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Labor Day Cruise, Half Moon Bay, Sat- Mon Sept 2- 4

Off shore flotilla with Encinal Yacht Club out the Gate and south to the other Bay! This is a good way to see the coast with friends and enjoy an overnight in the harbor. Nice restaurants and entertainment on shore or have provisions for two days! The weather should be good and the hospitality of the Yacht Club music, water taxi to shore! Bill Nork / Bob DaPrato

Questions? Email Robert DaPrato.

Labor Day 2017 Half Moon Bay Cruise

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For more information about cruising, E-Mail 2017 Cruise Chair

Bob DaPrato.

Islander 36 Association 2017 Racing Schedule

The full 2017 Islander 36 Racing Schedule and Sailing Instructions, plus a link for signing up, is at 2017 Race Schedule

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Eric Mueller

For more information about racing, email Fleet Captain: Eric Mueller.

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