April 28-29, 2001
Encinal Cruise
Sunny skies and 15 knots of westerlies greeted the assembling I-36 fleet as they converged on Treasure Island for the run down the estuary to Encinal. Commodore Salvo unleashed the charge of 6 boats about 1120, and the 3 already tied up at Encinal waited to help with the tie-up efforts. It wasn't long before Bill Higdon's Blockbuster and Harry Farrel's Pacific HIgh were locked in a downwind duel. Each going wing & wing and throwing winds shadows as they played the shifts and sides of the channel. It was fun to watch, and in less than an hour we were at Encinal. Backing into the narrow docak area with a power boat fleet already there called for some tight turns, but all made it in without a scratch anywhere.

After time for hellos and a bit of lunch, cruise organizers Dennis and Judy Bush rounded up 19 folks for a tour of the aircraft carrier Hornet, not permanently docked on the other side of Alameda. WE wandered the cavernous hanger deck

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The port dock-full included Vanishing Animal, Zenith, Solace and Natural HIgh. Commodore & Pat Salvo's Ophira, Kindred Spirits, Pacific HIgh and Snow Flower filled up on starboard.
Wine & Cheese readied the crowd aboard Ophira for the Racing Clinic Friday afternoon. The port side held smiling faces....
On starboard, they were equally happy! Daphne Jackson & MIke Dickson, Co-Race Chair, start the Clinic.
Daphne's view of part of the crowd... With everyone paying attention.
Don Schumacher with chart and race board. (sorry about the blurr!) Teak was exhausted just thinking about all that racing!
Daphne & Mike talk with new owner and racer Paul Tara of Zoop Marty Griffin, Mary Tara, Sandy Van Mell and Laurie Stover are ready for lunch.
Jim & Bill Higdon, Jack & Sandy Thompson and Peter Wilhite Charles Hodgkins, Marty Griffin, Don Schumacher & Sandy Van Mell
Don Schumacher and Betsy Fowler ready to go. Commodore Gary Salvo kicks off the meeting.
US Coast Guard Ensign Mark Warren delivers our safety presentation. USCG Auxiliary's Nick Tarlson presents info on Vessel Safety Checks.
Don Schumacher's new Yanmar 40 aboard Blue Streak. The Yanmar up close.
Vice Commodore and Judy Bush depart on Natural High with help from Art & Betsy Fowler. Art Fowler & Commodore Salvo help Smokey Stover and Laurie get Solace under way.

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