March 13, 2004
Spring Meeting
San Francisco Yacht Club

(If you like, you can skip down through the prose and go straight to the pictures below!)

The unusual perfect weather the Bay Area had enjoyed for almost two weeks held fast as 62 people representing 34 boats converged on San Francisco Yacht Club for the Spring Meeting.

A vanguard of 9 boats arrived on Friday evening to anchor down the guest dock and start the festivities in traditional Islander form. Assistant Cruise Chairs Debby & Julian Cohen, who live down the street in Tiburon, made sure the main brace would be spliced in style by arriving with a giant punch bowl of Margaritas and an invitation to potluck at their Corinthian Island aerie close by. Chicken wings, salads, soup, lasagne, raviolis and wine were transported and enjoyed in their beautiful home. Locals Peter Wilhite and Don Schumacher joined the fun, 23 in all.

Later,a few of the hardy retired, along with the bowl, on Smokey & Laurie Stover's "supersized" Islander, the Freeport Evanescense. In addition, the Friday evening crowd included Art & Betsy Fowler's Zenith, Lou & Diane Zevanov's Diana, Don & Barb Henderson's Kindred Spirits, Ron & Karen Damsen's Woodbine, Jack & Sandy Thompson's Freeport Noncents, Gary & Pat Salvo's Ophira (with Dog-Watch Captain Cathy), Skipper & Nancy Wall's Snowflower, and Commodore Harry Farrell's Pacific High with Carol Williams aboard.

Saturday morning Rick Van Mell's Vanishing Animal arrived with Teak as crew, followed by Chris Mellor & Kelly Montana's Spindrift with daughter Claire and dog Nellie aboard. Race Captain Joseph Krensavage backed Mustang into the middle of the pack. When John & Nanci Melton's Freedom Won, and Cruise Chair Dennis, Judy and Matt Bush's Natural High arrived we squeezed them against the race committe dock.

The usual dockside banter began not long after sunrise, and grew as more boats arrived. There is always something special about the first gathering of the year - a great re-acquaintance of familiar faces, and the meeting of new ones. Ken & Monica Kroph (Svanen) from Seal Beach in southern California were in town and came by to meet the fleet. It is always special when one of our out-of-town members joins us. Dave Scardigli has been a member for a couple of years, but this was his first meeting - even though he didn't bring Zingara dockside. From the way he lingered aboard Ophira after the meeting to help consume the remains of the Margarita bowl, we hope he'll be at many more!

Other new or infrequent members included Ray Reilly (Timeout), Les Raos (Kapai), and Cindy Schultz and Steven Peters' Freeport 36 Intrepid. It's wonderful to see new faces at meetings, cruises and on the race course - that's the growth of the Association.

Those arriving by landcruiser included, Frank Mayo & Susan Brooks (Amante), Bill Higdon - who is selling Blockbuster to his son Jim, Fran & Brian Jacobs who have traded in thier Islander for a trawler Endeavor to cruise the inland waterways, Kurt Smith and Steve Murphy with Luna Sea, Peter Szasz (Midngiht Sun), Secretary Charles Hodgkins & Kathryn (Mischief), Vice Commodore Mike Dickson (Nimbus), Robert Aston & Mary Gleim (Pegasus), Walt Levison (Sultana), Barry & Sylvia Stompe (Tom Cat), Bob Knickerbocker & Maureen Drotleff (Woden), Measurer Paul Tara & Mary McKinnon (Zoop), Don Schumacher (Blue Streak), and Jim Robinson (Pilot).

Commodore Harry Farrell set a very special tone for the year - as each boat registered at the sign-in table, they were presented with an I-36 tote bag and I-36 2004 Season bottle of wine, all compliments of the Commodore. Harry then kept things moving by getting through the usual reports between lunch courses. Skipper Wall reported the good news was that we were at 204 members, but there are still about 39 2003 members who have not paid their 2004 dues. Ron Damsen reported our treasury was in good shape - as it always is just after dues collection!

Cruise Chair Dennis Bush emphasized the great fun and terrific bargains to be had at the April 24th rendezvous at Encinal Yacht Club and our Discount Night at Svendsen's marine store - complete with wine & cheese! With several great kids in attendance, Dennis proclaimed the June 12-13 Angel Island Civil War Days cruise to be a "Kids Cruise" and invited all to make a special effort being their kids to watch the mock battles on Angel Island. It's a very special place and a lot of fun to be ashore. You can bring bicycles to ride around too if you like. Skipper Wall reminded all of the Delta cruise May 20th to Memorial Day - a perfect way for newcomers to Delta cruising to go with the pros! Use our on-line form for more details and to sign up.

Race Captain Joseph Krensavage allowed as how we might even get to 20 boats measured and across the starting line for racing this year. That was seconded by Peter Szasz who extolled the Race Clinic on March 27th at the St. Francis Yacht Club - there is still room for a few boats, so use the on-line sign-up form quickly. Measurer Paul Tara reminded newcomers to contact him or Assistant Measurer Robert Aston to get measured. That led to a quick passage of the updated Bylaws with clarifications to the Measurement Rules.

Then it was on to our guest Speaker Kimball Livingston who delighted the group with a slide show taken aboard the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle on a sail from Portland, OR down the Coast to San Francisco. Her crew included 12 officers and 38 regular crew, plus 150 Coast Guard Academy cadets who together spread 22,000 square feet of sail using 200 lines totalling more than 5 miles in length. Livingston's pictures captured the beauty of a square rigger under sail and the challenges of hauling lines as a team and the never-ending discipline of holy stoning the teak deck. He warmed up the audience with one of those great "Ten Reasons" lists - this one being the Ten Reasons Sailing Is Better Than Sex. It came via the University of South Alabama! (We're trying to get a copy and permission to post it!)

Kimball also had with him a number of copies of his book "Sailing the Bay", but in the happy conculsion and a round of applause for Commodore Farrell no one remembered to mention the books - so if anyone would like an autographed copy, email Kimball Livingston, or call him at 415-831-1001.

As the meeting adjourned, people filtered back to the dock or headed home. A gaggle gathered aboard Gary & Pat's Ophira to finish off the last of Debby & Julian's Maragrita Bowl and continue the good times. It was another fine Spring Meeting.

Pictures are compliments of Barb Henderson & Rick Van Mell. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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Friday nite snack time Barb and Smokey on Evanescense Evening smiles on Evanescence
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Harry helps Art solve an electrical glitch Past champs Lou Zevanov & Don Schumacher supervise Past Commodores Skipper Wall & Gary Salvo supervise from afar!
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Islander Fleet-Pack! The Mellor's Spindrift looks great Mustang backs into place
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Well done Mustang crew Laurie's got an eye-opener between Debby & Julian Cohen Monica & Ken Kroph Svanen from southern California
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Carol Williams holds executive session with Marti Griffen & Pat Salvo Teak welcomes Nellie Dog-Watch Captains Teak & Cathy
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Pat and Judy check them in Busy hands! Mike, Charles, Smokey & Ray Reilly
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Joseph explains with bar sign-language Nanci & John Melton with Bob Knickerbocker & Marueen Drotleff Betsy Fowler, Skipper Wall, Julian Cohen & Nancy Wall are ready for lunch
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Bob Knickerbocker & Maureen Woden, Laurie & Smokey Stover Evanescense Vice Commodore Mike Dickson, Ray Reilly Timeout & Gary Salvo Measurer Paul Tara with Patrick & Mary Zoop
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Clair, Kelly & Chris Mellor Spindrift Mary Gleim & Robert Aston Pegasus Asst. Cruise Chair Debby & Julian Cohen Four Cs
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Peter Wilhite & the Mustang crew Les Raos Kapai & John & Nanci Melton Freedom Won Fran, David & Briand Jacobs Endeavor
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Steven Peters & Cindy Schultz Intrepid & Charles Matt & Judy Bush Natural High & Kurt Smith and Steve Murphy Luna Sea Speaker Kimball Livingston, Carol Williams, Commodore Farrell & Art Fowler
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Diane & Lou Zevanov Diana & Peter Szasz Midnight Sun Kimall Livingston's tales of the Eagle After-meeting on Ophira
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Dave Scardigli's 1st mtg (Zingara) & Rick Van Mell John Melton enjoys as Gary pours from the never-empty Margarita punch bowl! Treasurer Ron Damsen & Karen Woodbine reward Cathy & Teak
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Rick helps Art install an autopilot on Zenith while Betsy & Diane Zevanov supervise. Patrick Tara & Clair Mellor take Teak in different directions. Hey Dad, can't we go home now?

Tote bag & I-36 wine bottle for each boat - compliments of Commodore Farrell

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