Spring Meeting at San Francisco YC 3/13/99
What a great meeting! Our speaker, Dale Parshall enthralled over 60 people with his tales of winning the 1998 Singlehanded Transpac. What do you do when your auto helm isn't working, it's blowing harder than you want for the jib you have up, you're only two days out, and you're turning green? Go to sleep! Dale even brought his boat over; we all climbed all over it, then a few even went out for a demonstration of how to navigate when all your electricity fails.

What with all the listening, it seems no one got any pictures of the 13 boats tied to the dock, and counting Pilot & Blue Streak who were out racing and came back in, we had 15 boats there! You would have enjoyed being with us.

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Transpac Trophy Table The regatta flag
Giggles under sail. Singlehanding the chute
Dale explains how to get to Hawaii It's nice when your harness includes a ladder to get back aboard!
The flip chart's view of the audience The attentive crowd
More Audience Carol & Bruce Hunter
Larry & Chris Terzian Art Fowler & Kathy Munn
Walt Levison & Steve & Karen Schneider Steve & Karen (again)

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