March 16, 2002
Spring Meeting
San Francisco Yacht Club
Neither the threat of rain, nor cold, nor snow nor wind could keep the loyal Islander Association crowd from assembling for the Spring Meeting at San Francisco Yacht Club. The forecast for strong winds and rain, mixed with snow convinced may to arrive by land yacht, so only six boats showed up at the dock - and three of them headed home right after the meeting. Yet despite the forecast, the sky was beautiful with big white cumulus and plenty of sunshine. The clubhouse sheltered us from most of the strong northwest winds, so it was quite enjoyable for the meeting.

Mike Dickson started the morning off with the Race Clinic at 1000 hours. It was well attended, with 11 boats represented at the table, including new members Joseph Krensavage with blue-hulled Mustang, Jeff and Leslie Edmonds with Midnight Pass, Jim Garrison, the new owner of Raspberry Tart, and returning member Kris Youngberg who has purchased Tenacious.

Paul Tara, last year's I-36 champion, and YRA One Design champ too, talked about the secrets of winning races. He recalled the 7 Basic Rules as told by Joe Duplin, the Tufts University sailing coach and world class Star boat champion. When taken at face value, they seemobviouss and even simplistic, but as Paul reminded us, it's the little things that add up. We don't go out and try to do things to WIN races, but we should make every effort not to LOSE races. In summary, the rules are: 1) Don't be late for the start; 2)Don't be over early; 3) Don't foul out (or get a penalty); 4) Don't sail the wrong course (as most of the fleet did last year); 5) don't overstand the weather mark; 6) don't capsize (i.e. don't heel too much); and 7) Mind your strategy and tactics.

On San Francisco Bay the main element of strategy is current. If you don't get the current strategy right, there is not much you can do to catch those who do. Study the race course carefully - best the day before the race. When you encounter other boats, use your tactics to keep you on your current strategy whenever you can.

Once again SFYC served a terrific lunch, this time of London Broil perfectly done and graciously presented. As you can see in the table pictures below, a good time was had by all.

Our main speaker was Lynn Eichinger, President of the Angel Island Association. For those of you not familiar with San Francisco Bay, Angel Island is about 1.25 miles east to west and north to south, separated from Tiburon on the north shore of San Francisco Bay by the half mile wideRaccoonn Straits. The only harbor on Angel is Ayala Cove (sometimes referred to as Hospital Cove) on the north side. Angel Island was used as a fort in the Civil War and as a Quarantine station from 1892, and an immigration station from 1910 to 1940. From 1942 to 1946 it was used as a POW Detention center during World War II, then a Nike missile base from 1954 to 1962. Fortunately for all of us, it is nowwonderfulful park, open to enjoy, including the hike to the 781 top of Mt. Livermore with it's panoramic view of all three main bridges - the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, and San Rafael Bridge.

A recent bod issue is providing fund for continued restoration of various facilities, including the original detention center. Camp Reynolds has already been refurbished, and on weekends from April through October you can witness cannon firing at 1300 and 1400 hours. On occasion, civil war uniformed troops exchange cannon and musket fire with the 101 foot square rigged warship Hawaiian Chieftan tacking back and forth at the western end of the island.

Ayala Cove is a nice place to tie up, and the mooring and slip rates are VERY modest - $3 and $2 per night. The park fee is $1 per person. the docks are available from 0800 through sunset, and must be vacated at night. For more information, check out

Pictures are compliments of Rick Van Mell. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.
A great welcome! The crowd starts to gather on the dock..
New Member Joseph Kernsavage's Mustang & Ophira Pacific High & Snowflower
Kindred Spirit arrives. Kindred Spirit and Blockbuster.
Jim Garrison and Ron Damson flank newlyweds Daphne & Mike Dickson. Cruise Chairman Charles Hodgkins, Gary & Pat Salvo, and Roger Milligan.
Mary Tara, Art Fowler, Skipper Wall & Commodore Dennis Bush Cathy, even when sleepy, rules Ophira.
Race Chair Mike Dickson gets the Race Clinic started. Part of the clinic audience.
Paul Tara give his lecture on the 7 Rules. Pat Salvo, Kathryn Munn-Hodgkins & Judy Bush sell lunch tickets.
Meanwhile, Charles Hodgkins, Gary Salvo, Karen Damsen & Rick Van Mell stand in the bar line. Marty Griffin, Ed Henry, Art Fowler & Don Schumacher enjoy their beverages.
Ron & Karen Damsen, Skipper Wall, Sandy Van Mell & Bill Higdon head for the tables. Ready for lunch are Sandy & Jack Thompson, Ed Henry, Guest Speaker Lynn Leichinger, and Judy & Commodore Bush.
Enjoying lunch are Mike & Daphne, Maureen & Bob Knickerbocker, Roger Milligan & Larry Terzian. Joseph Krensavage, his crew, Chris Bober & Seth Miguel, and Kris Youngberg.
Don & Barbara Henderson, Kathryn Munn & Charles Hodgkins, Fran & Brian Jacobs, with Peter Wilhite behind. New members Katherine, Savanah & Ashley Trewman, with Mary & Paul Tara, & new member Jim Garrison.
Everybody likes to climb aboard Harry Farrell's Pacific High - the best looking boat in the fleet.

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