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"Kindred Spirits" (built in 1976) has the seven sleeper configuration, including bunk beds on the starboard side. Since the "upper" bunk has never been used in years, we decided that, in the "couch" mode, there was probably a better use to be made of the 1-1/2 to 2 plus foot space immediately below the headliner. As shown in the picture, we installed a six ft plus shelf that serves as a "book case" and catchall for hats etc. Construction reflects a 1/2 inch marine plywood "bottom", covered by 1/4 inch teak plywood; the "fiddle" was purchased from stock at West Marine. Support is provided by two solid teak laterals screwed to the fore and aft bulkheads. Since only two screws were used at each end to secure the shelf it can be removed in less than ten minutes. However, during the last several years, this has not been necessary -- and, if the 'upper" bunk were ever to be needed, there is still plenty of room for one of our more compact crew members. Cost of all materials was less than $125.


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The other two pictures relate to a galley "remodel". We tossed out the original pressurized alcohol stove (3 burner) and replaced it with an Origo 6000 two burner/oven unit, primarily for safety reasons. As you may know, the Origo, made in Sweden, is Alcohol driven, but without pressure. Each burner and the oven has it's own canister, which operates something like a Sterno burner. We've found that it is more than adequate for our needs, but a bit expensive at something like $1,200 including shipping charges. (Editor's note: New standard alcohol and propane stoves are in this range too.) In any event, the new unit left a rather large gap immediately behind it.

We manage to effectively utilize this space for cooking utensil storage through the construction of a customized "drop-in" cabinet that is approximately 12 inches at e top, tapering down to around six inches at the bottom. This allows the stove movement when sailing. The construction was 3/4 inch marine plywood covered with 1/4 inch teak plywood, apart from the top, which is a solid teak door (with a frame, discarded) sold by West Marine for a typical vertical installation as a cabinet door. Cost was under $100 for the materials, including hardware.


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Don Henderson, "Kindred Spirits"

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