April 22/23, 2000
Treasure Island, Clipper Cove Anchor Out

This cruise was hosted by Linda and Roger McCellan of 4 R Sanity. Crews and boats that attended were: Roger and Linda McCellan-4 R Sanity; Matt, Linda, Matthew and Mary Clare Dusanic-Someday; Gary and Pat Salvo-Ophira; Al and Nancy Farnum-Silver Shadow; Rick Van Mell and Teak-Vanishing Animal; Dennis, Judy and Matt Bush-Natural High; Tim Koester and Meryl Hand on their new Catalina 42. Earl and Evie Robertson-Raspberry Tart and Jack and Sandy Thomson with Bill Higdon-Noncents stopped by to say HI to the group.

The activity for the day was the Blindfold Dingy Races organized by Linda. Al and Nancy were the winners and received the coveted "Blindfold Dingy Race" award.

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Tucked up close to shore. Sunny day at Clipper Cove.
Strange looking Islander on the right.(Catalina 42) Great day to anchor out.
Judy Bush & Meryl Hand with Linda Dusanic in back. Matt takes Judy(Mom) for a dingy ride.
Al & Nancy show their winning style. Blindfold Dingy Race winners--Al & Nancy.
Roger, Rick and dingy captain-Teak. Pat & Gary practice before the race(didn't help!).
Dennis tells how he crossed oars with Pat & Gary. Pat & Gary seem lost.
Natural High on the hook. Natural High with Oakland/Bay Bridge in back.
Matt Bush enjoys Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday on 4 R Sanity.

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