Treasure Island Cruise – Memorial Day Weekend

May 25-27, 2002

Snug and warm inside, cold and windy outside. Brian and Fran Jacobs on Blue Moon, Dennis Bush on Natural High, Paul and Mary Tara on Zoop, and Charles and Kathryn Hodgkins on Mischief braved the fog and wind to anchor out in busy Treasure Island Cove over the Memorial Day weekend. Sailing in Saturday afternoon the fleet entertained the Cove with our anchoring prowess. Zoop took honors by anchoring for her first time ever and under sail at that. We then joined the anchoring critiquing game, imagining a placard system for signaling our scores. We spotted Blockbuster cruising by but didn’t entice her to stay the night. Potential new members on Sundancer (soon to be renamed I36DD by new owners Dale and Denise) anchored nearby and Dennis motored over on his dinghy for the sales pitch.

Junior sailors David on Blue Moon, Matt and Joe on Natural High, and Patrick on Zoop had a great time on the muddy and sandy beach, and Patrick and Paul rigged their El Toro for a sail around the Cove. The potluck on Saturday night was a great combo of spaghetti and pasta from Mischief, lasagna from Blue Moon, salad from Natural High, and cookies and hot chocolate from Zoop. By request the Junior sailor meal was hot dogs.

On Sunday morning, Mike and Daphne Dickson on Nimbus joined the raft up to run the Fun Race and Don Henderson hitched a ride from a passing dinghy. The Fun Race turned into an armchair race and racing rules review. All present agreed that next year we should try the Fun Race idea from a marina setting. The cruisers sailed off to the rest of their long weekend on Sunday afternoon.

The Cove at Treasure Island. The I-36 Raft at T.I.
Mary Tara & Kathryn Hodgkins check the raft. Charles Hodgkins gives a tour of Mischief.
The hearty (Mary & Paul Tara) launch Zoop's El Toro. Commodore Dennis Bush & Daphne Dickson prefer warm coffee below!
The Oakland side of the Bay Bridge.