May 6, 2000
I36 Vallejo Race

Sat results: Spin: Blue Streak, Highlighter, Island Girl Non-SPIN: Pilot, Nimbus, Tenacious, Lean Times (Roger said he will contact yra; Tim did finish), and Woden DNS.)

Racing season's off to an enthusiastic start with 7 Islanders competing on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. The weather for the Vallejo Opener was mediocre Saturday but good sailing with 20 knot winds.

Honors go to Spinnaker: Don Schumacher on Blue Streak, followed by William Hackel on Highlighter, and Frank Burkhart on Island Girl. Non-Spinnaker: 1st place to Jim Robinson on Pilot, Daphne Jackson and Mike Dickson 2nd on Nimbus, and Roger Milligan and Larry Terzian 3rd on Tenacious. Don said he was hard pushed by Highlighter, who raced alongside Don's cockpit most of the way. Sunday was foulies weather, with rain and a lack of wind, resulting in some pretty soggy spinnakers, but not sagging spirits. Nimbus went aground for a picnic. Thanks to Don Schumacher for all his time and phoning to get racers out there and to Rick Van Mell, who worked with Nimbus prior to start of the season and on Saturday getting them started in racing. ~ Roger Milligan

Photos provided by Don Henderson.

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Bluestreak looks for wind. Bluestreak ghosts along.
Highlighter hones their light air techniques. Tim and Rhonda Shea's Lean Times.
Nimbus looking good. Oops--Nimbus finds the bottom.
At least Pilot isn't towing their rubber ducky!!. Tenacious tries to fill the jib.
Woden catching some air..

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