May 5 - 6, 2001
Vallejo Race
The Commodoreís Commendation goes to Race Captains Daphne Jackson and Mike Dickson for getting eleven Islander 36ís on the starting line for the seasonís Opener - the Race to Vallejo May 5th and 6th.

Saturdayís run was in moderate winds, but sunny warm weather. There were a couple of exciting turns at the end of the race, after the last marker coming up Mare Island Straights. Tenacious and Zoop were battling it out for first, blocking each other, when Pilot came up from behind and won the non-spinnaker division.

Nimbus, set to come in fourth, lost a lot of speed as it sailed up the center of the channel with an ebb tide and a heavy boat full of crew. Both Woden and Mischief soon passed Nimbus on the windward side, Woden claiming third for the spinnaker division, and Mischief fourth for non-spinnaker.

That evening after a great day there was plenty of party atmosphere at the Vallejo Yacht Club.

Sunday was another gorgeous sunny hot day, but the start was repeatedly delayed for lack of wind. Some fleets, such as the J 105s dropped out of the race all together. Daphne polled I-36 captains; it was agreed to cancel if they couldnít start by 1:00.

Shortly before 12:30 they were given their start, but with such poor wind, many determined that it was not feasible to finish. Congratulations to those who stuck it out. That took a lot of tenacity, good navigation and excellent crew moral.

Unofficial results 5/5:
SPIN: Blue Streak, Shenanigan, Woden.
NON-SPIN: Pilot, Zoop, Tenacious, Mischief, Nimbus, Pacific High, Lean Times, and Raspberry Tart.

Unofficial results 5/6:
SPIN: Shenanigan.
NON-SPIN: Zoop, Tenacious, Raspberry Tart.

--Daphne Jackson, Mike Dickson

Primary photo credits to Bill Higdon & Don Henderson. Check out the fun below.

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Packifc High Tennacious.
Pilot Shennagin.
Pre-start action. Going for the start.

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