May 29, 30, 31, 1999
Vallejo YC Rendezvous
Picture honors go to Bill Higdon and Tim Shea for the digitals, and Nancy Wall and Pat Salvo for the scanned hard copies. (Only your editor knows for sure which is which!)

Despite a forecast of 25 knot winds with gusts to 30, we drifted together between Racoon Straits and Southampton Shoal and started motoring toward the San Rafael Bridge and San Pablo Bay. We had turned the corner into San Pablo and were almost to Pinole Point before a wind settled in. Then we had a nice romp on a beam reach right to Vallejo. At times we were doing more than 8.5 knots with the help of a flood tide. We all rafted up in front of the club and were safe and sound before the gusty winds picked up mid-afternoon.

Hope you enjoy a peek at our fun weekend with 13 Islanders represented. You can sit back and enjoy them. Even download them with a right mouse click and blow them up to full screen on your machine if you like.

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From Blockbuster, Silver Shadow is leeward of Ophira. It looks like they're getting away.
Jack Thompson drives Blockbuster to catch up. Passing Ohpira close aboard.
Rafted up in front of the Vallejo Yacht Club. Looking south along the dock.
Looking north along the dock. The north raft: Vanishing Animal, Raspberry Tart, and Blockbuster.
The middle raft: Snowflower, Silver Shadow, Ophira, Misfit, and Natural High. Across their bows!
Vallejo YC's bartender Joe Sclosser, a 35 year Vallejo member, hard at work. Gary & Pat Salvo check it all out.
Cruise Chairmen Rhonda & Tim Shea bracket Leslie and show wine tasting score cards. Tim pours wine for the tasting - 6 Chardonnays and 7 Merlots.
The Tasting crowd. More Tasting.
Dennis Bush & Sandy Van Mell hard at sampling. Brain & Fran Jacobs and Peter Wilhite do their share.
Bill Higdon our Grand Old Man of the sea. (He won't be 80 until December!) Pat Salvo converses with reflections.
Fred & Barbara Cucksey compare notes with Brian, Skipper Wall & Gary Salvo while Baily checks for spills. Pat Salvo & Skipper ask Teak her opinion.
Nancy Farnum shows Fred Cucksey their new computer station on Silver Shadow. Their track from Pt. Pinole to Napa River.
Vallejo YC harbor on Cap'n software. (Linked GPS not turned on.) Silver Shadow's kerosene heater, TV and lamp.
Kindred Spirit's computer station and GPS hookup. View of Kindred Spirit at dock using Chart View software.
Pat Salvo catches some of the 20-30 knot stuff! A perfect end of a perfect day!

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