From: Art Fowler Zenith

Posted 10/30/03

Half hull models are a great way to enjoy the artistic shape that Alan Gurney incorporated into the design of the hull of the Islander 36. Used at one time in the lofting process during the construction of the hulls, these models now take on a purely decorative function for the home or office.

There are quite a few manufacturers of half hull models, and two of them have just completed models for me in the past year. (Note 2003 date.) Both manufacturers require significant lead time, so plan ahead if you are considering one as a gift. The models were painted to match the actual color scheme of my full size I-36.

The manufacturers are: Trident Studio, 401-846-9505, web address:

and Ken Gardiner. (Ken Gardiner died in September 2013.)

Interestingly enough, the Gardiner model did not come with the narrow stripe with the I-36 logo on the after end and the filigree on the forward end. However, I was able to obtain that detail from Trident Studio which they added to the Gardiner model for me at the time they completed their model.

The photo below is of the Trident studio model. The prices for each model range between $430 and $450

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