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2007 Cruise Schedule

Welcome to the 2007 Cruise Schedule. As we get details you can Click on the "Get Details / Make Reservation" links for more information and to let the Cruise Coordinators know you are joining the fleet, or, use the email link to ask more questions. On-line registration forms will also be available for the current event on the Events page about a month before the event. If you would like to volunteer to be an Event Coordinator, email or call Cruise Chair John Melton at john.melton@us.varian.com or 408-281-1388.

There are a few dates that still need to be confirmed with yacht clubs - and some fun ideas yet to be incorporated. So check back every so often to see the latest updates.

Sat, March 17Spring Meeting - San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere. Race Chair Michele Williams is organizing a Rules Clinic for the morning, before the lunch and Spring Meeting. That's a good reason to sail over on Friday night, or drive in early on Saturday. Cruisers are encouraged to attend - learn that the rules are easy and no barrier to coming out and enjoying some racing!! The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2007 - and be treated to Kit Wiegman's tales of how he fixed up Cassiopeia and sailed the Pacific Cup to Hawaii (and back!)
Coordinator: John Melton
More details and the reservation form are here.
Sat, April 14Sail Trim Clinic for Cruisers & Racers at Golden Gate Yacht Club. It's great for cruisers as well as racers. Shaping sails effectively for the prevailing conditions and knowing when to change gears is an essential skill for all sailors. Racers and cruisers alike crave comfortable, fast and adventurous sailing experiences. Michael Whitfield, professional sailing educator with over 30 years of teaching experience, will introduce you to the art and science of shaping sails with exciting visual presentations that crystallize the precise shapes and orientation of sails for maximum efficiency.
More details and reservation form Details & Reservations
Sat/Sun, April 28-29 Encinal Yacht Club and our fabulous Shopping Night at Svendsens. Don't miss it! We're looking at lunch at Encinal on Saturday - so come Friday night or early on Saturday - then on to Svendsens for wine & cheese and Really Great Prices.
Coordinators: Dennis & Judy Bush
Sat-Mon, May 26-28Memorial Day Weekend cruise to Marina Village. Not only is this a nice cozy spot, but we're having a Rally to get you there. Yes, it's just a "simple" sail around Treasure Island and down the Estuary, but you'll probably be sailing on lots of different wind angles and that will test your seamanship skills. OK, you don't have to participate in the Rally to come to the cruise, so don't sweat it. Just don't hesitate, simply follow this link to Get Details & Make Reservations.
Sat-Sun, June 30 / July 1With July 4th on a Wednesday, here's a double treat. First, catch a great flood tide to Vallejo Yacht Club on Saturday the 30th, then mosey up the Napa River to Tim & Rhonda Shea's house on Sunday for their signature dockside barbeque. You can then head for home on Monday, or kick-start a great Delta Cruise -- catch the fireworks in the Delta by Wendesday. Lots of options here - Pittsburgh, Antioch, Mandeville Cut (supposed to be great fireworks!!)
Coordinator: TBD
Fri-Sun, July 6-8Genoa Bay All Islander Rendezvous - Vancouver Isalnd, Canada
Greg & Leslie Mathews
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Sat/Sun August 11 & 12 Coyote Point YC. Great pool table, grills sheltered from the wind, and the Coyote Point Muesum is a wonderful palce to take the kids. It's been updated with a new environmental focus and animals for the kids to touch.
Corky & Anna Stewart: corkystewart@comcast.net
Sat-Mon September 1-3A blue water sailing opportunity with a downwind sail to Half Moon Bay. Tie up to the security of a mooring ball in this protected harbor. The Half Moon Bay Yacht Club usually puts on a great party with food and entertainment. Catch a dingy ride into the harbor or to explore the shore.
Coordinator: TBD
Fri-Sun, Sept 21-23All Islander Rendezvous - The Estuary - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed (but don't know about blue!!) Yes, once there was an All Islander regatta on the Bay - a day of racing for all Islanders. The Canadians have done two great All Islander rendezvous in Vancouver's Gulf Islands. We're going to borrow from the Canadians, but combine the old race with a cruise for something new. Working with both the Oakland and Encinal Yacht Clubs,the plan looks like this: Arrive Friday night if possible - dinner at the Oakland Yacht Club. Saturday, arrive by early afternoon for a fun race, with the cruisers as spectators - racers are invited to come for the day. Then dinner at Encinal Yacht Club, and finally, a Sunday breakfast at Oakland YC to finish it off. For those who have not spent time looking at other Islanders, you will be amazed at the variety of styes and the injunity with which owners have added great gadgets and conveniences to their boats. Why it's just like an All Islander Boat Show!
Coordiantors: Rick & Sandy Van Mell
Get details & Make Your Reservation here!
Sat-Sun, October 20-21Ballena Bay Yacht Club. Great friendly fun in a well protected harbor. Probably have a bit of Pumpkin theme for this one.
Coordinator: TBD
Sat, November 3Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner - Oakland Yacht Club. Come celebrate the winners, cheer the cruisers, and be amazed how nice people look in their good clothes!!! It's time to elect 2008 Officers, while giving thanks to all who helped make 2007 a great year. The entire upper floor of this beautiful Yacht Club will be reserved for our use. It has the promise of a very memorable event with plenty of flash.
Coordinators: Art & Betsy Fowler

Additional Information

For more information about cruising, E-Mail Cruise Chair

John Melton

The Islander Association establishes its annual Cruise schedule based on the general input of members, and may include destinations around the Bay, on river tributaries, and outside the Golden Gate. However, the Association assumes no liability for any event. It is the sole responsibility of each individual owner to decide if his or her boat and crew are suitable for a given event, and whether to participate, start or continue in any event.

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