Islander 36 Association
2008 Racing Schedule

Here's your fun 2008 Racing Schedule from Fleet Captain/Race Chair Michele Williams. There's something for everyone. The gung-ho racers will have 20 opportunities to strut their stuff, while the casual, or first-time racers can choose as few as one or two and still have a great time.

No organized spinnaker racing series this year. We'll have six stand alone non-season racing events where flying of spinnakers is optional. Winner of each event receives bragging rights.

1. May 3rd: Vallejo - Day one
2. May 4th: Vallejo - Day two
3. July 26th: Long Course, Second Half Opener
4. Sept. 13th: All Islander Rendezvous (no spinnakers)
5. Sept. 28th: Season Closer - Day Two
6. October 5th: Nationals - Day Two

Season's Championship races include:

The full calendar is listed below.

Questions or want to give some input? Email Race Chair Michele Williams.


Date Season's Championship Races Fun Race or Event
March 15
  Spring Meeting - San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere. Race Chair Michele Williams is organizing a Lines & Splicing Clinic for the morning, before the lunch and Spring Meeting. That's a good reason to sail over on Friday night, or drive in early on Saturday. Cruisers are encouraged to attend - learn that good lines and splicing are easy and make life better for both cruising and racing!! The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2008.
Spring Meeting Coordinator: (Email removed)
Lines & Splicing Coordinator: Michele Williams

To get measured for 2008, call Measurer Kris Youngberg at 415-828-1833 (phone is preferred) or email kris.youngberg@gmail
April 27
  Sailing Clinic for Cruisers & Racers at Encinal YC as part of the Cruise & Svendsen's Discount Night weekend. Kame Richards of Pineapple Sails will be our guest speaker focusing on both sail handling and other things you can do to make your boat fast and comfortable. Here's the plan: 9:30 - 10:30 is chalk talk time; to 11:45 is dockside demonstration; to 12:15 is brown bag lunch; then it's time to hit the water for sail trim practice, some starts, and maybe even a short race until 3:30 when you're invited to return to the dock to debrief and refresh. Both Racers and Cruisers will benefit from this great session, so plan to attend! Make your reservation through the Upcoming Events Page.
May 3
  Vallejo race up, Vallejo YC
May 4
  Vallejo race back, Vallejo YC
May 17
ODCA Spring 1, City Front, Oakland YC
1 Race
May 31
ODCA Spring 2, Berkeley Circle, South Beach YC
2 Races
June 21
Summer Sailstice, South Bay, Alameda side, Encinal YC
2 Races
Party after at TI
July 26
  2nd Half Opener - long course (Central Bay/ Pt. Bonita/ S. Bay), Encinal YC
July 27
2nd Half Opener - Central Bay/ South bay, Encinal YC
1 Race
Aug 9
ODCA Fall 1, Richmond long course, Richmond YC
2 Races
Aug 24
ODCA Fall 2, Knox, Sausalito YC
1 Race
Sept 6
ODCA Fall 3, Knox (Islands Tour), Sausalito YC
1 Race
Sept 13
  All Islander Rendezvous - The Estuary-It was such fun last year we're trying it again: it's the 2008 All Islander Rendezvous. Arrive Friday night if possible - dinner at the Oakland Yacht Club. Saturday, arrive by early afternoon for a fun race, with the cruisers as spectators - racers are invited to come for the day. Then dinner at Encinal Yacht Club, and finally, a Sunday breakfast at Oakland YC to finish it off. For those who have not spent time looking at other Islanders, you will be amazed at the variety of styes and the injunity with which owners have added great gadgets and conveniences to their boats. Why it's just like an All Islander Boat Show!
Details: Information & Reservation Form here.
Coordiantors: Rick & Sandy Van Mell
Sept 27
Season Closer Race 1, Knox, Bonita, Corinthian YC
2 Races
Sept 28
  Season Closer Race 2, Around Alcatraz & Angel, Corinthian YC
October 4
  GGYC - Nationals Regatta - Day 1
2 or 3 races
Nationals Awards, Nibbles & Celebration at Golden Gate YC! Cruisers welcome.
October 5
  Cancelled --GGYC - Nationals Fun Race
Cruisers encouraged to come try a fun race.
October 18
  GGYC - Champion of Champions - 3 races
Nov 1
  Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner - Oakland Yacht Club. Come celebrate the race winners, cheer the cruisers, and be amazed how nice people look in their good clothes!!! It's time to elect 2009 Officers, while giving thanks to all who helped make 2008 a great year. The entire upper floor of this beautiful Yacht Club will be reserved for our use. It has the promise of a very memorable event with plenty of flash.
Coordinator: (Email removed)