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2015 Cruise Schedule

Welcome to the first edition of your creative 2015 Islander 36 Cruise Schedule The theme is inclusion and family fare. We've reviewed the results of the Cruise Survey to help shape a great year. As usual, we will need to confirm the availability of various venues, so you will see the red TBC (To Be Confirmed) for all of the items that need to get checked off. Where there isn't a TBC, (like the Spring Meeting at GGYC on 3/21/15) it's already tied down.

We'll add links you can click on to "Get Details / Make Reservations," and to let the Cruise Coordinators know you are joining the fleet. On-line registration forms will also be available for the current event on the Events page about a month before the event.

If you would like to provide comments on the draft, volunteer to assist or even be an Event Coordinator, email or call the Cruise Chair Ruby Blenderman, (707) 747-5569.

Thursday Jan 1 'Round Alameda Parade This was a chance to get on the water and kick off the New Year with a blast. To see the fun, follow: 'Round Alameda Parade.
Sat. Mar 21 Spring Meeting at Golden Gate Yacht Club Come join us to kick off a great 2015 season. Sail on over Saturday morning early, or even come Friday night, and be ready when the fun begins 1130 Saturday. The Spring Meeting will cover the Race and Cruise programs for 2015 and possibly a guest speaker. Make your reservations and select your entree choices at Upcoming Events.
Coordinator: Pat Salvo
Sat. March 28, Racing/Sail Trim Clinic at Island Yacht Club Here's your opportunity to learn from last fall's Nationals Regatta's Great Eight how they had great, safe fun with new rating allowances and friendly sailing. Look for the Sail Trim Clinic Details and Sign-Up Form early in 2105.
Coordinator Kit Wiegman.

Fri - Sun Apr 24-26 Encinal Cruise & Svendsen's Night This is an opportunity for a family-friendly event. Islanders gather for lunch at EYC for their lighter fare lunch ("Bar Menu") around 1200 - 1330, followed by family activities or possibly a Seamanship/Safety presentation. If it's warm, there's time for a quick swim in Encinal's pool. Then it's on to the very special Svendsen's Night about 1730. Svendsen's opens its doors after hours just for the I-36 fleet and offers great discounts on most items. Line in particular is often 40% off! So plan to join us by boat for the weekend or by car (and maybe some ice cream dockside afterwards.) We'll post more details and a Sign-Up Form right after the Spring Meeting.
Coordinator Kathryn Munn.
Sat - Mon May 23-25 Memorial Day Cruise - Coyote Point YC Here's a chnace to cruise down into the South Bay. We'll set up a fun navigation course on the way down for folks to find waypoints, note times and maybe get prizes for best navigation. A great cruising exercise to develop your Islander skills. Coyote Point has a great upper deck to look out over the Bay and enjoy a beverage, and we'll be doing at least one potluck on their back yard grills.
Coordinator Rick Van Mell.
Sat June 20 Summer Sailstice Family Cruise! Here's a nation-wide expression of a love for sailing. Across the country everyone is invited to get out and sail on the longest daylight day of the year. So,here's the idea. All participating Islanders will rendezvous on the south side of Yerba Buena Island, off the old lighthouse, at 1300. Keep watch on channel 72, and we'll sail under the Bay Bridge on the San Francisco side, and reach north on the north side of Treasure Island. We'll ease off and round the northern tip of Treasure Island, then reach back to Clipper Cove. (Did you know it was named after the Pan American pontoon airplanes known as the Clipper ships?) Raft up and have a family-friendly potluck of hot dogs, chili, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, or anything else that your kids (and their friends you brought along) rank as picnic comfort food. This is a one-day event. Start from your home port, join a sail with other Islanders, have fun and some food, and head home for great memories for everyone on board. Hey, if some want to stay anchored out all night in Clipper Cove and have a leisurely Sunday breakfast on board, so much the better.
Coordinator Rick Van Mell.
Fri-Sun. July 3-5 July 4th Benicia Cruise & Delta Kickoff This is a great fleet sailing opportunity. We'll aim for a fleet gathering at the north end of Treasure Island at 1030 hours Friday morning and sail up together. Monitor channel 72 to stay in touch, or report in to the fleet if you are ahead or behind the 1030 start. Those in the South Bay may want to try to bring their boat up to Emeryville for an informal potluck Thursday night so they can get a good night's sleep before Friday morning. We will be starting with a building flood and carry that for 25 miles all the way to Benicia, about 4 hours at 6+ knots over the bottom. That should get us up to Benicia by 1500, plenty of time to settle in before a potential potluck at Benicia Yacht Club TBC! But, the big draw is an invitation to dinner Saturday at Rob & Ruby Blenderman's house on Saturday the 4th before the fireworks - just a nice walk, or short car ride, from the marina. Return to the Bay on Sunday morning with a max ebb at Carquinez at about 0930, or use this as a jumping off point for a week-long Delta cruise.
Coordinator Ruby Blenderman.
Sun - Sun, July 5-12 Delta Cruise We've had several fun Delta Cruises over the years, and here's a chance for another one. As we get into the sailing season, we'll poll the fleet for interest in joining a Delta Cruise and invite nominations for places to visit. On the way up (and back) Pittsburgh Yacht Club is a fun place to stop, with a good restaurant in town. With luck we could visit Harry Farrell at the Stockton Sailing Club, and the fine facility at Willow Berm Marina as additional stops along the way. Anchoring out in any of the many sloughs is fine too.
Coordinator: TBC
Sat, Aug 29Treasure Island Flea Market & TI YC Cruise This was great fun in 2014, we're trying it again. In addition to hospitality at the Treasure Island Yacht Club, the last Weekend of every month is a great Swap Meet on Treasure Island, and they have an abundance of Food Trucks with dozens of meal ideas for lunch - and we're trying to organize another great dinner at TI YC to boot.
Coordinators Dennis & Judy Bush.
Sat - Mon, Sept 5-7Labor Day Cruise to Half Moon Bay Half Moon Bay was one of the highest ranking cruise destinations on our December 2014 Cruise Survey. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the safety of a fleet sail out in the ocean with other Islanders in sight and in radio contact to boost your confidence if you haven't done this before. One of the great "legends" of sailing on San Francisco Bay is the ultimate brass ring of "going out the Gate and turning left" for the South Pacific. You don't have to go that far, but you can tell your friends that you sailed out the Gate, and turned left. There are now mooring balls in the outer harbor and a floating dinghy dock and shore ferry to get to the HMB Yacht Club. For those that want firmer ground, you may be able to get a slip, or a side-tie in the inner harbor.
Coordinator: TBC

Sat - Sun, Oct 24-25Small Club Cruise TBC October often brings some of the nicest weather of the year. We're aiming for a cruise to a small and friendly yacht club. Candidates include Pt. San Pablo, Ballerina Bay, or Sequoia.
Coordinator: TBC

Sat. Nov. 7Fall Meeting & Winners' Dinner at Richmond Yacht Club. Come help celebrate the Islander 36, and the Association's 41st year of sailing, racing, and cruising all around San Francisco Bay, and beyond. It's also a wonderful way to wrap up the year, getting dressed up a bit and enjoying the company of the skippers and crews you've sailed with all year. It is time for Owners, Crew, and Special Guests to celebrate at the Islander 36 Fall Meeting, Saturday evening, November 7th, at the Richmond Yacht Club. Our racing and cruising skippers will be recognized, and the racing winners and devoted cruisers will get their special awards. And crew, here's the deal. If your Skipper's other boat is a Farr 40, then the skipper should pay for all the long, wet hours and (maybe) verbal abuse you endured so the skipper could get the glory. On the other hand, each of you might consider the yard bills, entry fees, lunches, new sails & gear, and broken gear (you didn't have anything to do with the way that pole snapped) that your skipper swallowed so you could say you race on San Francisco Bay. Then you, dear crew, could collectively pick up the tab for your Skipper & First Mate. At the very least, you should bring your own best friend and attend Dutch Treat - after all the skippers couldn't have gotten the boat around the course without you, so you deserve recognition too. Besides, just think how much fun it will be to talk with other crews and find out what kind of a skipper that other guy really is anyway.
Coordinators Vice-Commodore Nina Riehs and Ruby Blenderman.

Additional Information

For more information about cruising, E-Mail the Cruise Chair

Ruby Blenderman.

The Islander Association establishes its annual Cruise schedule based on the general input of members, and may include destinations around the Bay, on river tributaries, and outside the Golden Gate. However, the Association assumes no liability for any event. It is the sole responsibility of each individual owner to decide if his or her boat and crew are suitable for a given event, and whether to participate, start or continue in any event.

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