Sausalito Art Fair Cruise
Labor Day Weekend
Sept 2-5, 2011

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By Friday evening there were 6 boats lined up in a row on the long dock at Schoonmakers in Sausalito on the northwest corner of San Francisco Bay. In additionn, 4R Sanity and a couple others are expected on Saturday. We had a total of 16 people Friday night:

Tim, Rhonda and Ian with their 2 cute labradoodles, Because ...
Skipper and Nancy were first in by late morning, Snowflower
John Melton and "Riley" (Nancy's in Brazil), Freedom Won
Dennis & Judy Bush, Natural High
Gary & Pat Salvo, Ophira
Rich & Takae Waters, Tacoma Blue
Don & Barb Henderson & daughter Kristin & fiance (by car), Kindred Spirits

Although fog was pouring in over the hills, F dock lays along Sausalito's protected "banana belt" so we were comfortable for a dinner of appetizers and catch up conversation. Tim put up tables and they were soon filled with bottles of wine, smoked salmon, curried chicken in pita bread, samosas, olive/pesto bruscheta, zucchini bread, mozarella/prosciuto/olive and sausage/pineapple hors d'oeuvres, watermelon, sushi and hummus.


Pictures by Barbara Henderson. Click on images to enlarge, click "Back" to return.

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All lined up ...
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Ditto Nancy, Pat,
Rhonda, Judy & Tim
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Boys got wine!
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Don & Barb & ?
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Rich & Takae
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Judy & Dennis
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Dockside chat ...
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more chat ...
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and still more.
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Beautiful Because...
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Good Friday evening.

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