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Awards and Trophies

The governing board has gotten together all of our "Deeds of Trust" and thought that you would like to know about each one. The association awards trophies at its Fall Meeting each November and, at that time, also updates the Commodores' Plaque. 

The Dr. Charles Ormand Cup: 

This silver cup is approximately 42" high and 16" in diameter mounted on a mahogany base. The base has individual brass plates with each year's winner and the boat name. This trophy is given for the winner of the spinnaker division at the finish of the racing season. The deed of trust gives the history of how the San Francisco Bay Islander 36 Association came into possession of this most impressive cup.  

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Ormand Cup
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Ormand Cup Winners

1983 WilliwaRich Fordiani
1984 AbsoluteRuss Schneider
1985 Prima DonnaEric Warner
1986Prima DonnaEric Warner
1987 Prima DonnaEric Warner
1988 Prima DonnaEric Warner
1989 Prima DonnaEric Warner
1990 Wild OnionAllan Schuman
1991 WindwalkerSchoenhair/Gilliom
1992 WindwalkerSchoenhair/Gilliom
1993 WindwalkerSchoenhair/Gilliom
1995MoonshadowMark Dowdy
1996 WindwalkerSchoenhair/Gilliom
1997 Absolute Steve Schneider
1998AbsoluteSteve Schneider
1999AbsoluteSteve Schneider
2000Blue StreakDon Schumacher
2001Blue StreakDon Schumacher
2002(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2003(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2004(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2005(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2006(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2007(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2008(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2009(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2010(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2011(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2012Windwalker (Party Circuit, Spinnnaker Div)Rich Shoenhair
2013(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2014(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2015(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2016(Not Awarded - Non-Spinnnaker only year)
2017WindwalkerRich & Tom Shoenhair

Buster Hammond Islander 36 Half Hull Trophy:

Buster Hammond, last president of the Islander Yacht Corporation gave this half hull model to the Association in recognition of the continued one design racing and cruising activities in approximately 1978. Buster Hammond was president of the Islander Yacht Corporation from approximately 1970, through the heydays of the 70ís. 

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Buster Hammond Trophy
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If you would like your own half-hull model, check out the Gadgets page under Zenith's Model.

Hammond Trophy Winners

1973DianaLou Zevanove
1974MuchoJim Graham
1975DianaLou Zevanove
1976AbsoluteRuss Schneider
1977AbsoluteRuss Schneider
1978AbsoluteDarrell Snell
1979Midnight SunBill Butler
1980AbsoluteDarrell Snell
1981ChimoChuck Winton
1982WilliwaRich Fordiani
1983Midnight SunPeter Szasz
1984Prima DonnaEric Warner
1985Prima DonnaEric Warner
1986JuggernautFrank Tonsick
1987Grumpy DogCyndy Hassenbruck
1988Prima DonnaEric Warner
1989Prima DonnaEric Warner
1994PilotJim Robinson
1995PilotJim Robinson
1996PilotJim Robinson
1997PilotJim Robinson
1998PilotJim Robinson
1999PilotJim Robinson
2000PilotJim Robinson
2001ZoopPaul Tara
2002ZoopPaul Tara
2003PilotJim Robinson
2004Midnight SunPeter Szasz
2005Midnight SunPeter Szasz
2006Tom CatBarry Stompe & Sylvia Stewart
2007WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2008Captain HookeTom & David Newton
2009Captain HookeTom & David Newton
2010WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2011WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2012WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2013WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2014CalifiaTim Bussiek
2015WindwalkerRich & Tom Shoenhair
2016WindwalkerRich & Tom Shoenhair
2017ZingaraJocelyn & Steve Swanson

 Chuck Winton Nationals Trophy:

Chuck Winton raced his I-36 Chimo and on other ODCA classes in the 1970-80s, and was a past Commodore of the San Francisco Yacht club. He passed away in 2002. Chimo was a picture perfect model of the Islander 36 with a skipper and a crew that always showed the way. His wife, Marie Winton, contacted Don Schumacher in the fall of 2002, offering to donate two models of the Islander 36 to the Association.  

One of those models is a half hull model measuing approximately 12" x 24", complete with a spinnaker and spars, all in color. This model has been acceped by the Board as a perpetual trophy to be awarded to the overall winner of the I-36 Nationals Regatta, first held in October 2003 and run by the San Francisco Yacht Club as part of their fall One-Design Regatta.

Winton Nationals Trophy
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Winton Nationals Trophy Winners

2003PilotJim Robinson
2004Midnight SunPeter Szasz
2005DianaLou & Steve Zevanov
2006AbsoluteSteve Schneider
2007CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2008CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2009Captain HookeTom & David Newton
2010WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2011CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2012CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2013WindwalkerRich Shoenhair
2014CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2015CassiopeiaKit Wiegman
2016ZenithBill & Susan Nork
2017CassiopeiaKit Wiegman

 I-36 Perpetual Crew Trophy:

As we all know, crew members enable a skipper to race the boat. They can help improve performance and are critical to winning races. We have all seen many examples of outstanding crew members. They have sailed for a considerable length of time on one or more boats. They are dependable, they continue to learn sailing skills, they support fleet activities, they have a strong sense of fair play and a sense of humor, and they evolve to help the skippers and crews on other boats enjoy a safer, more skilled and more successful sailing experience.

Peter Szasz observed that he has been fortunate to have several such crew members over the years, including those aboard his Islander 36 Midnight Sun. Peter felt that it is important to recognize these individuals - first because they deserve the recognition for their individual contributions, and second because it shows that crew development and recognition are important to the Islander Fleet.

In November 2004, the Szasz Family and the crew of Midnight Sun donated an 11" x 17" plaque with a mounted Barient Winch handle as the I-36 Perpetual Crew Trophy, to be awarded annually at the Fall Meeting of the Association to a Crew Member of an I-36 Yacht that has qualified and competed for the Season's Championship or the National Championship of that year. The recipient shall represent dedication, performance and team spirit in the best Corinthian tradition.

Selection of the recipient will be by the Governing Board of the Association and and shall be based on nominations from the fleet. The Governing Board shall have the power to amend this Deed of Gift as it sees fit. (link to original Deed of Gift.

I-36 Perpetual Crew Trophy
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I-36 Perpetual Crew Trophy Winners

2004Martha RobinsonPilot
2005Dennis & Matt BushSailed on Zenith
2006Michele WilliamsPacific High
2007Debbie FehrPacific High
2008Marcelo Segura Tenacious
2009Beau Woodward Captain Hooke
2010Tom AllegrettiOrion
2011Philippe LamyWindwalker
2012(Not Awarded)
2013Lorraine WeissCalifia
2014Mara GutmanCassiopeia
2015Daniel MarguliesOrion
2016Roger AndersonSerenity
2017John BaumCassiopeia

 Chuck Winton Annual Cruising Award

As noted above for the Winton Nationals Trophy, Chuck Winton raced his I-36 Chimo and on other ODCA classes in the 1970-80s, and was a past Commodore of the San Francisco Yacht club. He passed away in 2002. Chimo was a picture perfect model of the Islander 36 with a skipper and a crew that always showed the way. His wife, Marie Winton, contacted Don Schumacher in the fall of 2002, offering to donate two models of the Islander 36 to the Association.  

One of those models is a wire model of an Islander 36, complete with a spinnaker flying. This model has been acceped by the Board as a perpetual trophy to be the Annual Cruising Award for contributions to the Cruising Program, as determined by the Cruising Captain with concurrance of the Board.

Winton Cruising Award
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Winton Cruising Award Winners

2003SolaceJim (Smokey) & Laurie Stover
2004BlockbusterBill Higdon
2005Natural HighDennis & Judy Bush
2006WoodbineRon & Karen Damsen
2007OphiraGary & Pat Salvo
2008SnowflowerSkipper & Nancy Wall
2009Vanishing AnimalRick & Sandy Van Mell
2010Pacific HighCarol Williams
2011Luna SeaDan Knox
2013Freedom WonJohn & Nanci Melton
2014OphiraGary & Pat Salvo
2015EvanescenceJim (Smokey) & Laurie Stover
2016White HorsesRuby & Rob Blenderman
2017Freedom WonJohn & Nanci Melton

 Bill Higdon Racing/Crusing Award

In 2003 an informal Racing/Cruising award was presented by the Cruise Chairman to Harry Farrell of Pacific High, and Charles & Kathryn Hodgkins of Mischief for participating in both the racing and cruising events for the full year. The award was again presented in 2004, 2005 and 2006, as noted below. In 2007 this award was formalized by the Board and accepted as the Bill Higdon Racing/Cruising Award in recognition of Bill's contributions to the Islander fleet over the years and his participation in both racing and cruising. Bill was 87 years young in the 2007 picture below, but we lost him in 2009. His skill and spirt will long be remembered by those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Bill Higdon Racing/Cruising Award
Bill presents to the 2007 winners
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Bill Higdon Racing/Cruising Award Winners

2003Pacific HighHarry Farrell, and
2003MischiefCharles Hodgkins
2004Pacific HighHarry Farrell, and
2004Freedon WonJohn Melton, and
2004ZenithArt Fowler
2005ZenithArt Fowler, and
2005Freedon WonJohn Melton, and
2005DianaLou Zevanov
2006Freedon WonJohn Melton
2007Freedon WonJohn Melton, and
2007Luna SeaDan Knox
2008(No qualifiers)
2009(No qualifiers)
2010Luna SeaDan Knox, and
2010Pacific HighHarry Farrell
2011(No qualifiers)
2012(No qualifiers)
2013(No qualifiers)
2014(No qualifiers)
2015(No qualifiers)
2016(No qualifiers)
2017(No qualifiers)

 John R.(Russ) Schneider Trophy:

Originally this cup was given to the winner of the All Islander Weekend Regatta which saw its last weekend in 1992 or so. This All Islander Weekend was sponsored by the Tiburon Yacht Club. This special weekend was where several of the Islander classes raced together. After the day's racing a big barbeque was held on the clubís large patio. Unfortunately, the original cup has been lost in the intervening years and can not be located. After a diligent search of the various yacht clubs and a letter writing campaign to those who logically might have won the cup, however, the Schneider family and our association have now provided a new champagne bucket with a new purpose. It is now awarded by the Commodore to a deserving individual within the Association.  This plaque lists all of the Association's past Commodores, the years each served and their boat's name. It dates from the founding of the Association in 1974, and the association has been active on San Francisco Bay ever since. This plaque hangs in the small main room of the San Francisco Yacht Club. This yacht club is where the majority of the "plank owners" of the association were members and you will still find many I-36s still calling this their home port. Past Commodores: 

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Commodores Plaque
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1974Wayne HallenbeckNebbia
1975Lou ZevanovDiana
1976Mike WardlowThe Perfrect 36
1977Mike WardlowThe Perfrect 36
1978Bill OrmondGaelic
1979Jeffery SmithInevitable
1980W.H. ButlerMidnight Sun
1981Richard FordianiWilliwa
1982Jim EdensAlamo
1983Alan SchumanWild Onion
1984Bruce StoneBlue Streak
1985Mike FitzgeraldShenanigan
1986John HessenbruchGrumpy Dog
1987Dave BurtonWindwalker
1988Don SchumacherBlue Streak
1989Frank TomsickJuggernaut
1990Bruce BlockBlockbuster
1991Bruce BlockBlockbuster
1992Bruce BlockBlockbuster
1993Greg GilliomWindwalker
1994Art FowlerZenith
1995Skipper WallSnowflower
1996Skipper WallSnowflower
1997Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
1998Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
1999Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
2000Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
2001Gary SalvoOphira
2002Dennis BushNatural HIgh
2003Don HendersonKindred Spirits
2004Harry FarrellPacific High
2005Mike DicksonNimbus
2006Tim SheaLean Times
2007Art FowlerZenith
2008Ron DamsenWoodbine
2009Corky StewartBrigid
2010Michele WilliamsPacific High
2011Robert AstonPegasus
2012John MeltonFreedom Won
2013John MeltonFreedom Won
2014Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
2015Rick Van MellVanishing Animal
2016Susan NorkZenith
2017Susan NorkZenith

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