Frolic's Storm Sails
& Solent Stay
Hi Rick,

Yes, the track in the image is for the trysail. The trysail track goes to just above the 1st spreader. The trysail is hanked on and, with sheets in the red sailbag visible below the boom. A dedicated halyard is stowed on a belaying pin on a rail I mounted between the spreaders. Attached shows the hoisted sail. The trysail track is alongside and independent of the main track. The main is on the Tides Strong track system - this or the more expensive Harken system makes the full-batten main easier to handle.

I also installed a removable solent-style inner forestay for storm jib or staysail use. That was a project! Attached images show the storm sail tack and the below deck part of the inner forestay. The below deck portion terminates on a ring with backing plate mounted on the bow. The result is no forestay forces on the deck - all transmitted to the bow.

Included is an image of the staysail bracket installed on the mast, just below the cap shroud. I lined it up so that the solent stay line intersects with the point where the cap shrouds lines intersect. The bracket was purchased from LeFiell Marine and modified by adding the straps that are thru-bolted to the mast (with a compression tube).

Steve Hodges
Steve Hodges []

Note: Storm sails are a requirement for many offshore races, including the Single Handed TransPac (SHTP) which Frolic is starting in the pictures below.

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SHTP Start
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SHTP Start 2
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Storm sails
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Trisail Track
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Solent Halyard tang
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Solent stay to deck
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Solent to hull connection

You can also see Frolic's boom strengthening at

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